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Getting Over Hump Day

Sometimes weeks roll by, each day the same, boring by nature.  We get to Wednesday, “Hump Day” and we are told if we can just get past it, we’ll roll right into the weekend and we will have survived another week.


Is survival the best way to face a week or each day?  I don’t think so.  Scripture reminds us that we should number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom.  If you find yourself just limping through this week, why not change things up a bit and add some fun, some life and some interest to even today?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Drive to work on a different route, if you can.  Take the country roads, if possible.
  • Pull the sun roof back a little, or roll down a window and get some fresh air.
  • Ask the Lord to show you someone with whom you could stop and pray today.
  • Do something different at lunch. Take your lunch and eat it at the lake, a park or outside at the restaurant.
  • Go out for ice cream at a drive-in after dark.  Splurge on the sundae.
  • Take time to sit on the front porch and just be still.  Watch the traffic or read a magazine or book you’ve wanted to start.
  • Search ideas for a new hair style.  Change the way you fix your hair – even if it’s just parting it differently or adding some curl.
  • Go to bed early and sit in bed and read a passage of Scripture with your mate before you turn off the lights.
  • Go out for breakfast somewhere you’ve been wanting to try – that bagel place, the local pancake house or Cracker Barrel!
  • Have your Bible reading outside early in the morning.
  • Pray for the neighbors as you walk past each house in the neighborhood.
  • Get a new color of fingernail polish and paint your fingernails.
  • Find an interesting You Tube video and watch it while you do your hair in the morning.
  • Make a sweet bread or muffins to take and deliver to someone who needs encouragement.
  • Go through the drive-through restaurant and “pay it forward.” (Pay for the person’s order in line behind you.)
  • Make plans to have someone over on Friday night.  Make up a fun menu – grilled pizzas, or S’mores.  Make it easy, but plan for fun.
  • Watch a movie outside after dark on your lap top or tablet.
  • Write a note to someone and tell them how much you appreciate them.  Send it in the mail.
  • Journal about the best part of the day.

The possibilities are endless.  The point is, don’t just endure the week.  Make every day count, because they each do!

Refresh your week,

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