Home decor

Bedroom Re-Arrangement

Hmmm,. maybe I should’ve been a licensed furniture mover. Why?  I love moving the furniture around in my house!  It just hits me while I’m sitting in the room. I’ll think…

That would look better over THERE!  Then I could put this where that was!

Recently I was in my bedroom and realized that the two chairs in there were too far apart. My husband and I needed a place in our room where we could sit and chat without having to sound like we were having a knock-down drag out! Ha!

So, I started pulling and tugging the chairs and side tables that were already in there to a more “conversational-appropriate space.”


Of course I don’t just move one thing – one leads to something else and something else and …well, you get the idea.  So I also moved that little cafe table near the window for good lighting and a lovely view of the backyard.  I’ve really enjoyed sitting there and working.  That window gets great sunshine in the late afternoon, making it bright and even lovelier!

I’m still on the lookout for a throw or blanket to put on our bed that has some turquoise in it to add a pop of color.


I put my little round table in the corner, but when I sat down to have my coffee, there was no where to set my coffee cup, so I scooted it closer within reach.  This is a perfect spot for my daily Quiet Time!  There’s good lighting with the lamp over the chair and the floor lamp beside the chaise lounge.  Of course the window gives light as well.  Liza tested it out and she approved!

Another change I did in the bedroom recently was the picture over the headboard.  I had a mirror there, but it was too high to reflect the windows as I’d hoped, so it’s now over the mantle in the living room.  I walked through my house and realized that the bicycle picture I had in the foyer was perfect for over the bed!  The colors are perfect, and it speaks well of our love for biking!  I love it when I don’t have to buy a thing to complete a rearrangement!


All our married lives our bedroom has been quite small, and to have the blessing of this kind of space is a true gift from the Lord.  But you know what?  Even when our room was small, I still did what I could to create seating for conversation and coziness.  No matter the size of your home, do what you can to love your bedroom.  Make it a space you and your spouse love retreating to.  Little changes like moving the furniture around, adding soft lighting, or bringing in a little table from another room can make a huge difference!

My home is a work in progress.  It’s ever changing with our needs and the seasons, and I love it!  Change keeps things from getting cluttered up and it also keeps the occupants on their toes so they don’t fall over or bump into the most recently moved piece of furniture!

 What do you need to do to make your bedroom space even cozier?

Thanks for dropping by!


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