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Be Wise To Satan’s Devices

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During the early fall it’s common to see many spider webs as I walk in the morning.  From bushes, doorways, and fence posts, the spiders have worked hard laying traps for their suspects.  I always feel sorry for the bugs that are lured into the web, knowing that a certain doom that awaits them.

Recently as I walked and spotted so many webs, a verse of Scripture came to mind –

 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
II Cor. 2:11

This passage is speaking of giving forgiveness to others who have wronged us. Paul is telling the Corinthians to let go of anything that others have done to them.  If they were offended or hurt, or if he hurt any of them, he reminds them to forgive.  Paul wisely knew about the snares, the traps or the webs that Satan lays for believers – things like hurt feelings and unforgiving hearts!   The hurts lure you in, then doom comes!

Do you know Satan’s tricks?

Are you aware of how he tries to ensnare you and keep you from moving forward for Christ?  One of his tools is to get us offended, hurt and wounded so that we cannot possibly forgive.  Bitterness sets in.  Anger flows from our hearts.  Justice is our demand. And he has us.  Trapped.  Fallen captive because we aren’t wise to his devices.

Women from our church – and all over the world have begun a five-week prayer vigil for revival.  We are crying out to see God move in mighty ways – advancing the Gospel, souls saved, hearts revived.  We need to be reminded that the devil is not going to sit idly by while we pray!  We had better be wise to his devices!  We need to be on the alert for him to set a snare for us!!

  • If he can cause a strife in your marriage so that cold shoulders and pursed lips trump the Gospel kind of forgiveness, then he has ensnared another home and kept us from evangelizing the lost.
  • If he can get us hurt at church, so that we throw our hands up with a heart that says, “It’s not worth it!” then he has laid the web perfectly to silence our voices and keep us from praying for revival in that place!
  • If he can make us think that we are deserving of more than we have been given – more material blessings, more health, more recognition, more love from our God, then we have been lulled into the stickiness of the web of bitterness, spun by the deceiver, liar and hater of our soul, that will bring about a certain spiritual death.


if we, like Paul, can be wise to his devices, instead of ignorant, we will see each of these scenarios as Satan’s ploy and we will wisely steer clear of them.  We will humble ourselves on bended knee, and forgive as we were forgiven, and pray, and love others because without it, we will be caught in his web.

It’s our choice.  Wisdom or ignorance – that’s how Paul put it.  Which will we choose today?

Let’s stay right so we can keep praying for revival!

img_8101P.S. For today’s reminder about how to make your home a haven, if you cover it with prayer Every.Single.Day. it will be noticeable.  Your family will feel it.  The enemy will be stopped by it.  A watching world will take notice.  Guests will recognize it.  Prayer is the greatest gift we can give our home.  Have you PRAYED for your home and each member of your family today?




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