Aromas that Create an Inviting Haven

Smells and aromas.  They can be wonderful or horrible.  How would your home be described?  What’s the prominent aroma associated with it? Is it inviting or nose-wrinkling?

“Every time I smell bread baking, it reminds me of my mom!”

That’s what a friend told me just recently.  Their mother died when they were young, but they still remember her when they smell the fragrant aroma of a yeast bread baking in the oven, because that was her specialty that she made for her family regularly.

When I was a child and I smelled coffee, I associated it with home and family get-togethers.  My parents drank coffee each day, but coffee was also always perked when our relatives visited from nearby cities.  When we children smelled the coffee being perked, we knew that our cousins would get to stay longer as our parents lingered over steaming cups.

It’s amazing how aromas can bring back sweet memories, isn’t it?  A perfume, a candle’s scent, or bacon frying are all simple things, but ones that could be memory triggers.  The key to creating a memory with a fragrance is using that aroma with an activity, routine or tradition.

For instance:

  • If Saturday breakfasts  always consist of pancakes and bacon, when your child smells bacon they remember the relaxed, casual family times you shared together on laid back Saturdays.
  • The lavender sachets you put in your linen closet with your sheets will remind your family of bedtime, your family’s nighttime routine, and  home.

What we do is simply make home smell like home.  You can’t do that if you’re not there.  Brilliant statement, right?  But it’s true in its simplicity.

Here are some ways you can add fragrances to your home (or just keep it smelling fantastic).

  • Burn fragrant candles.  It can make your home even smelled like you baked something with a “Sugar cookie” or “Red Velvet Cake” candle!
  • Plug in a Tart Warmer and you’ll have the fragrance without a flame.  Here’s mine:


  • Use plug-in fragrances.  These actually can work when you’re not there!  My neighbor has these all over her house and it smells so good!  Make sure to use ones that are either the same, or of the same “family.”
  • Clip car deodorizers to the inside vents inside your home.  When the air blows, it makes the rooms smell wonderful.

Image result for yankee car deodorizers

  • Add drawer sachets where you store your sheets and blankets.
  • Simmer citrus fruits and herbs on the stove.  Add cinnamon and cloves for fall and winter.
  • Slip dryer sheets in your dresser drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh.
  • Put lemon slices down your garbage disposal.
  • Bake something (even if it’s tubes of cookie dough or frozen bread loaves) before family comes home.
  • Add coffee beans around a vanilla candle.  The two fragrances are wonderful!



  • Add vanilla extract to your clean air filters.  Go  here to see a simple video.
  • All you essential oil lovers could also add an oil to your air filter, or hundreds of other places in your home!  =)

Those are just a few of my suggestions.  Now tell me how you add beautiful aromas to your home!

What is your favorite fragrance from your growing up years?

Make your home smell like a haven!


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