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Bathroom Vanity Organization

It always amazes me how just a little organizing can simplify my routines and even put a smile on my face!

Recently while staying away from home, there was a little porcelain dish on the bathroom counter.  Each night we were there, I put my contact lens case in that dish.  It looked so pretty, and it kept the counter from being cluttered up.  I determined when I got home, I would find a little dish where my husband and I could both put our lenses.  Here’s what I came up with:

bathroom vanity.jpgIt’s actually a tray for keys, but it works well because there’s enough room for two cases.  Prior to this, my husband had his lenses case by his sink, and I had mine on the other side and it looked cluttered! This is so much better!

Then there was an issue with my lipsticks.  I have a lot of shades, and had to DIG through the drawer to find the one I wanted.  I saw a You Tube video where the gal bought a special tray for lipsticks, and while that makes sense, I didn’t want to have to find a place to put another container!  Instead I lined them up in the tray I was already using instead of laying them down. I also put them in upside down so the shade is revealed.  It works perfectly!


Do you need to add a little organization to your bathroom vanity?  Work with what you have first, then add containers if necessary.  If your results are like mine, those little efforts will really simplify your morning routine!

Refresh your space!


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Vanity Organization

  1. I enjoy your tips for the home so much! I’ve gotten back in the habit of burning scented candles, and it makes a huge difference!
    My make up is in a decorative bowl, and all my brushes are in a square glass dish with those little rocks in it. Works well and looks cute!
    Still have trouble finding a convenient and discreet location for my hair dryer and products. (Mousse, brush, styling wax, hairspray, straightener… lot to hide!!!)


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