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Refreshment Around the House


To keep a home inviting, clean and fresh, it takes attention to details.  Not only does the house need a good cleaning each week, but the decor needs to be freshened up, and things that aren’t working and/or functioning well need a solution.

I have three words today to help you do that:




Yes, salt!  Let’s start first with…

Slipcovers – We have a chair in our living room that requires my husband to put a pillow behind his back when he sits in it.  He has often grabbed one from his office (totally different decor! Ahhh!) and brought it in when we have guests.  Recently, I decided I must find a permanent pillow for that seat.

Pillows can be so expensive, and I hadn’t found what I was looking for UNTIL I went to the Hobby Lobby sewing area!  I was in the clearance section and found the cutest slipcover for a pillow marked down to $4!  I didn’t even have to buy a form for it because I had an ugly velvet pillow with hideous fringe that I had tucked away, and it was the perfect size and shape to slip inside!


I was so pleased with my find!  So, if you want to refresh your pillows on your sofa or bed, don’t buy new ones; go looking for slipcovers.  You can change them out seasonally for a fraction of the cost!

Paint – Earlier this summer I dried some of my herbs.  They continue to produce, so I’ve dried a lot more and stored them in little herb jars I found on clearance at TJ Maxx.  Every time I reach into the cabinet for one of them, I have to look carefully before adding it to my food to determine which herb it is.  I decided it was time to label the jars so it would make this task easier.

Using scotch tape, I made a square on each jar.  Then I painted on several coats of chalkboard paint.  When it was dry, I peeled off the tape and used chalk to write the name of the herb on the jar.  Not only will I find the herb I need much quicker, the paint adds a cute little bit of charm!  What do you need to label?  Consider chalkboard paint to do the job!

Salt – We had one bathroom sink that had gotten backed up.  Not wanting to purchase a drain cleaner at the store, I researched for a simple solution.  The answer was as easy as hot water and salt.

sink clog.jpg

  1. Using a straightened out coat hanger and gloves on my hands, I got rid of any thing that was under the drain.
  2. I poured 1/2 cup of salt slowly into the drain.  I added boiling water slowly.
  3. I added more salt (about 1/2 cup) and more hot water.
  4. Immediately the drain opened up and the everything gurgled right down the pipes!

It just makes me smile when things are more organized and function well around my house!  Do you need to refresh your home with one of these three tips?  

Stay refreshed,




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