Holiday Muffins At the Top of the Baking List

This is a repost of a recipe shared last year. This would be a wonderful muffin to have Thanksgiving morning and I wanted to remind you of its goodness!



Baking is like many things – you have to stick to it and keep trying after you have a fail. Giving up because you’ve had a flop will keep you from making progress, and even learning lessons along the way. You’re seeing this recipe today after three previous attempts to post! It’s been frustrating, but hopefully someone will be really glad to have this recipe, or will be refreshed by the encouragement not to give up!

Since tomorrow is December the first (what?!), I thought I would share a holiday muffin recipe as my first recipe of the season. I made some Cranberry Streusel Muffins for Thanksgiving breakfast last week. It was a new recipe to me and I couldn’t wait to try them!  These were the perfect blend of tart and sweet. The crumbly topping on the top is oh, so good! We had a muffin with a bowl…

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