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My Simple Christmas Home Decor

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Welcome!  Today I’m inviting you to step inside and take a tour of my Christmas decor.  I’ve really taken the “simple” route with this part of my Christmas.  I do have touches of Christmas throughout my home, but it’s definitely not done in “Biltmore Style!”  A little here and a little there is pretty much what you’ll see.

With no further ado, come on inside!


The bench in my foyer is decorated with a fur muff and wool scarf.  The basket beneath is full of gloves and ear muffs.  They’re easy to grab on the way out the door!


Our tree is upstairs in our family room and can be seen from the street as it stands in a front window.



The dining area – The red chargers and napkins along with my $3 Target Dollar Spot runner add all the Christmas I needed!  I drew a Christmas tree on my chalkboard, using the words to a favorite carol.


One guest room –

This room is the perfect color scheme for Christmas decor!



In my sewing/guest room I added old photos and some Christmas greetings on the bulletin board over my work table.


These little Pinterest inspired snow globes add a tiny touch of winter to the guest room. The sweater cover for the vase was also inspired by Pinterest.  Old sweaters are great craft supplies!


In my laundry room I added a new calendar that I received as a Christmas gift (I love 13 -month calendars!), along with a light-up snowman.  He makes a great night light!


I love adding small touches of Christmas throughout my house.  I enjoy the lights, the softness and the warmth the decorations bring.  Many of the things I’ve added are items that can be left up through January.  When the outside is cold and bare, I can still have the warmth of the lights, throws, textures and candles.

It would be such a waste for us to spend so much time decorating and then never invite friends, neighbors or needy people in.  This is probably the easiest time of the year to entertain because our homes are probably the most decorated and lovely than at any other time of the year!  But isn’t it easy to feel overwhelmed and too tired?  It’s easier to tuck in and forget that others could feel loved and really blessed to be invited into our home.  I’ve had some folks in already, and have a neighborhood party planned in the next week, and honestly, though it can be tiring, it’s such a blessing!  Let’s open our hearts and our homes and share the warmth of not only our decor, but the love of our Savior, whose birth we are celebrating!!

How are you planning to use your decorated home to share the love of Christ?

Thanks for stopping in for a visit!

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