Keep the Appointment


My husband had an appointment at an eye clinic this week. It had been scheduled for the week before, but he needed to cancel. As a child of God, we know that there are no accidents or coincidences in our life. Our sovereign God directs our steps and puts us where He wants us and at the right time.So, in God’s timing his appointment was rescheduled for yesterday.

While my husband was back having his scheduled laser treatment, my daughter and son-in-law waited with me in the waiting area. I got up to use the ladies’ room, and in the few minutes I was gone, an elderly woman came and sat down beside my daughter. Opening her flip phone, she asked Alli if she could find the number for her son, Ricky, and then call him for her, stating that she had never used a cell phone before. Alli went clicking through the contacts and found the name requested. She hit “dial” and handed the phone to the woman beside her. There was no answer, so a message was left for the recipient stating that she was finished with her appointment and ready for him to pick her up.

My son-in-law sweetly told the woman that she could sit right there by us while she waited. I began chatting with her, wondering if this wasn’t an appointment of another kind – a God-sized, God-ordained one. After some initial friendly conversation, I narrowed the topic to ask if she attended church anywhere. Her answer was curt – firm, “No,” and made me think she was wishing she had chosen to sit elsewhere.

“Who is Jesus to you?” I continued.

“A Savior. A teacher.”

I told her that we had recently visited Israel and saw some places where Jesus would have indeed taught crowds of people.

She nodded, then began to stand.

“I’m going to go wait outside for my son,” she stated.

I reached into my purse, looking for a Gospel tract. I pulled one out, and handed it to my son-in-law, asking if he would take it out to her. He happily did so, and also went through it with her, explaining that Jesus had come to exchange her sin for a relationship with Him. After he gave a brief explanation and invitation to attend our church, he asked if he could pray for her.

“No, I don’t think so”

was her reply as she pulled her coat around her frail, chilled body. She shut out the breeze that blew by, but also the Truth that could give her eternal life.

The blessing of this scenario is that she may have read that tract after going home. The Spirit of God could open her spiritual eyes to make her realize that this meeting was no accident; it was appointed by God. It is the way the Lord gives to every man the opportunity to be saved. There are none shut out, none for whom Jesus did not die. He came to seek every man – For God so loved the world.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share. I’m grateful for a son-in-law who has a heart for the lost, and for a sovereign God who makes appointments so that all can be saved.

Have you had an “appointment” in which you heard the Gospel? Did you respond positively? Don’t turn Him away, Friend. Even this simple post is another appointment with the God Who loves you.

Have you been given the blessing of sharing the Truth with others? There’s no greater joy than to share with others how they can have eternal life. And if they reject the message, remember that they’re not rejecting you, they’re rejecting the person of Christ.

Be faithful. Be a witness. Keep the appointment.

With love,

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