What the Preacher’s Wife Wore – Casual OOTD

I always cringe when I hit “publish” on these outfit posts.  I’d rather hide behind my computer and write something, but I know that I like to see pictures with ideas for outfits, so today’s posts is a simple idea for an OOTD.

This outfit is an example of two things:

  1. Pattern mixing
  2. Layering

Pattern Mixing – This is a gentle mix with plaid pants and a blouse with a little polka dot.  It’s not too wild or “out there.”  It’s very doable, even if you’re not used to mixing patterns.



Layering – For cold mornings and warmer days, layering can really help you decide what to wear!  If you can remove a layer for the warmer temps later on, you won’t find yourself having to change your whole outfit during the day!

Tell me, do you feel comfortable mixing patterns?

Have fun and mix it up a little!

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