Spring Storm Warning


Winter in the south is kind of funny to northerners.  When we get even a forecast of snow, meetings are cancelled, schools are shut down, grocery stores are emptied and everyone pulls into their home for fear of having to drive on the slippery precipitation.

Yesterday was a first for me with another kind of storm – an early spring storm with high winds and strong rain.  I don’t mean that I’ve never been in it, of course I have, but the new situation came when I heard schools were having early dismissal, ball games had been rescheduled, and folks were sending out the, “be careful out there!” messages on Facebook.  I’m as cautious with spring storms as anyone, after living through a tornado that hit our home when I was a teenager, but it seemed a little “over the top” to go to such extremes when there was yet a tornado warning, much less a watch.  I was kind of like,
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Whatever.”

To a meteorologist or someone who keeps a constant check on the weather app up on their phone, my casual approach to the weather would probably seem foolish.  I don’t mean to be, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a real threat.

It’s made me wonder if a person who hasn’t received Christ as their Savior has the same type of response when they hear folks say that the Lord Jesus said He’s coming back in the rapture,  and those that have not trusted Him as Savior will go through a horrible time of tribulation.  Do they look around them and see the calm, watch  their days and weeks go by as normal as the last years have, and say,

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.”?

I’m afraid that’s probably the way Satan lures them into his lies.
“Come on,” he says, “Your grandmother said Jesus was going to come back, and look, it hasn’t happened yet!  Live your life the way you want, and don’t listen to those fanatics!”

More sure than the bread shelves clearing out in a Tennessee snow storm, the Lord made a promise that He will return to gather the Christians in the air and take them to heaven, and it will happen! Then those that are left will go through seven years of tribulation – worse than anything this world has ever known.  There will be some that are saved during that time, but they will suffer great persecution as a result.

It doesn’t have to mean you, my friend.  Turn to Christ and receive Him and the suffering He endured on the cross for your sins so that you could be forgiven.  Tell Him you believe – confess your sin and your need of a Savior.  Turn from anything you are trusting in to get you to heaven – good works, religion, your own merit, and trust Christ alone.  Not only will you be safe from the tribulation and an eternity of suffering in hell, you will begin the most wonderful relationship with the One who loves you and died for you.

The wind is really kicking up outside as I write. I think I’d better check my weather app and keep an eye on the brewing storm – it really could happen as they have warned.  I know I’ll be thankful I heeded the alarms.

I pray you have listened to the the Scripture’s warning – it will happen as the Lord said, and it could happen today.  Are you ready?


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