Summer Plans and An Exciting Goal

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Happy June everyone!!  I’ve sure loved our spring and I look forward to the summer ahead!  Our tomatoes are planted, my flower boxes are full, the fire pit is primed for marshmallows, the grill is ready for delicious entrees’, pizzas, breads and treats, and the patio is fully decked and ready for guests, afternoon naps and dining alfresco.

My calendar is also filling up with some planned events that I’m excited about – visiting family, shopping excursions, day trips, Bible studies, prayer with friends, home improvements and ICE CREAM are just a sampling of the goals on my list.

Another item that I’m planning is time to work on a project that has been on my “To-Do” list for a very long time.  Some projects take an afternoon, others a week, and yet others months (maybe years!).  This adventure will be taking good chunks of time each day and I’m asking the Lord to help me be intentional to accomplish a long-time desire and get this accomplished.  What am I desiring to do?  I’m longing to do some writing.  But in order to accomplish that, I have to say “no” to some other responsibilities or even interruptions.

My blog is a true love of mine, but it takes lots of time each day.  I’m always thinking about my next post and what I want to share.  Then I write, edit, post photos, edit the photos, edit some more, and then schedule the entry.  I’m not leaving my blog for the summer, I just couldn’t do that after NINE YEARS and  2,195 posts!!     Instead, I’m planning on writing new material every Monday and Friday.  So you’ll still be getting new recipes and ideas for your kitchen on Monday.  Then on Friday I”ll probably post about a sundry different topics.  Tuesday through Thursday will be re-posts from my blog from over the nine years.  I’m sure no one has read every single post, and even I forget what I’ve written!!   So hopefully even though it’s not new material, it will still benefit you to reread it.

My goal is to have a theme for each week ~

  1. Sensational Summer – Ideas for fun with your kids, meals, and dates
  2. Parenting – The joys the struggles, the helps for tough times
  3. Conflict 
  4. Home Comforts
  5. Helpful Tips for Home
  6. Frugal Living
  7. Godly Friends – Being one and and having one.
  8. Knowing and Doing God’s Will
  9. Effective Evangelism

Now, let me ask you, are there other topics you’d like to see covered this summer?  Leave me a comment here and I’ll definitely do what I can to add that to the list! 

I’m excited about what the Lord will do this summer!  How about you?  What plans do you have?  Do you have any ambitious goals you’re seeking to accomplish?  I pray you will do whatever is necessary to make the most of your time for God’s glory!


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7 thoughts on “Summer Plans and An Exciting Goal

  1. Yay!!! I’m so excited for you to have time to work on your book!!! I’m also looking forward to reading your older content again – love your idea of sharing different themes each week. ❤


  2. Hello! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a number of months now. Not too long, though, so I’m excited to see some of your older content. 🙂 You always write about wonderful things that are very inspiring no matter the topic. You truly do refresh! Maybe this topic is included in one of the themes already, but at this point in my life, (I’m 46 with my two youngest daughters at home ages 14 and 17), I really long for ways to build my marriage. Not that anything is wrong with it mind you. lol But I’m always looking for ways to make it deeper, better for both of us. If you don’t have the time to do that, that’s truly ok. I can only imagine how your mind whirls constantly on a daily basis. 🙂


    1. Hi Melinda! Thank you so much for commenting and requesting topics on marriage. I can definitely do that! There are no perfect marriages and they take intentional work and effort. My husband and I have to work at our marriage every single day, as does every couple. We’ve found some things that have really helped and been a blessing to us that I would be happy to share. Thanks for suggesting this and I hope your marriage will be refreshed by those posts! Thanks so much for reading my blog and encouraging me!


    1. Thanks, Sharon! Your comment makes me less fearful about losing readers this summer! =) I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the recipes! I’ve got some great ones coming this summer!


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