Getting to Know Me

Since this is the beginning of my Summer series, I thought we’d start with a little “Getting to Know You” post!

twins 1

Let me tell some details about myself you might not know:

  • I am an identical twin.  I was the bossy one…imagine that.  (Sorry, Dianne!)
  • I was born in Michigan and lived there until I was 13 and we moved to KY.  The rest of my life I’ve been a Southern girl and love that very much!
  • My husband and I have been married nearly 36 years (as of 20th of June).  He is 17 inches taller than me! Someone told us yesterday they used us as a couple to teach their kids opposites! Hmmm… Well, they do attract, don’t they?
  • Fire and I have a lot of stories.  One was in my bedroom, one was at a wedding.  Three have been in a kitchen…and I teach women how to cook.  Yikes!!
  • I love chocolate, but I only eat it a bite or two at a time.  My girls get annoyed at finding chocolate in my kitchen drawers that has turned white from age.
  • I loved writing stories when I was in elementary school and my 4th grade teacher encouraged me to keep writing.  I won first place in a creative writing contest in high school, writing a story for children called, What’s Up In the Sky?
  • My grandmother grew up in England.  It’s my dream to visit there some day.
  • I grew up playing softball with my dad, who pitched fast-pitch for our church team.  Even at my small stature, I could knock the ball over the heads of those in the field.  That was pretty impressive in elementary school!!
  •  My first official job was cashier at Hardees – that was in the day before computer-like cash registers that told you how much change to give!  My mom sat down with me and showed me how to make correct change.  My next job was bus-girl at Holiday Inn restaurant.  My twin sister had the far more glamorous job as hostess! 
  • The only season I don’t love is winter.  I’m an outdoor girl!
  • I have always had an herb garden in every home we’ve lived in.
  • I’ve only gone for about 3 months of my life that I didn’t own a cat…or have the cats owned me???  

So there are a few fun facts about me!

This spring while attending a ladies’ retreat at The Wilds, I met several women who told me they read my blog regularly.  That was such a blessing to hear!  Will you leave a comment and tell me how you found out about my blog, or how long you’ve been reading, or how we met?  I’d love that!!

Do you have a guess as to which one I am in the picture above? =)

Stay refreshed this weekend by attending a Bible preaching church!

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24 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me

  1. I have been reading your blog for about 2 years. I came across it through brownsugartoast.com . You have been such an encouragement to me, a mentor, and a friend. I have six children, so life is busy. I’ve tried many of your recipes. My kids will ask “Is this Denise’s recipe?”. Your spiritual encouragement has been so appreciated. Recently signed up to receive your husband’s and occasionally read your daughter’s blog as well. Thanks for sharing and for being such a blessing to me.


    1. Hello Andrea, Thank you so much for reading my posts and for encouraging my heart by your sweet comments. I count it a privilege to have the opportunity to encourage women in ways that will push them closer to the Lord and will refresh them in their roles! I love that you try the recipes I share! Your family’s question made me smile!! Thank you, and I pray the Lord will bless you with a great summer serving Him!


  2. These were so fun to read! Your twin picture is adorable! My Grandmother and Grandfather grew up in Wales, and we were able to visit there a few years back. We loved it — I hope you get to England some day!


  3. I’ve been reading your blog the last couple of months and love it. I’m also enjoying Whitney’s blog. I live in NH and am enjoying the beginning of summer!


    1. Janet, Thank you so much for reading by blog. I am truly honored that anyone would take their valuable time to read what I share! I’m glad you’re also following Whitney; she inspires me, too! Enjoy your summer!


  4. I can’t remember quite how I came across your blog…most likely a linkup or something like that? 🙂 I’ve probably been with you for about half a year give or take a month or two. It’s truly one of my favorite blogs. And as to which one you are, I’m going to say the one in the chair only because you say you’re bossy and I think you wouldn’t let your sister sit in the chair. lol 🙂 At least that’s how it would work with my four daughters. The bossy one makes the others stand. 😀


    1. Ha!! Your sweet comments made me smile AND laugh! You made a good, logical guess about the picture, but maybe I was having a more gentle day when that picture was taken, because I am the one standing. =) Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. It’s a blessing to hear from my readers!


  5. I believe I have been reading your posts since near the beginning of your blog. We visited your church while on our way to SC, and I believe there was something in your church bulletin about Refreshher. I enjoy and benefit. A side note is that as I write we are enroute home from Roan Mtn. Enjoyed very much.


  6. Denise –
    So many times I have thought to leave a comment – or even send an email – but have not, so certainly today was the today to correct that. What a blessing your blog has been – and continues to be! I’m not positive how long I have been reading but I do know I found your blog through Whitney’s blog (which is also a blessing!) and then my husband and met you last year (Mother’s Day weekend) when we were travelling. That service was so special for us. I look forward to your posts every morning – and have been encouraged and instructed many times. Thank-you so much for being sensitive to His teaching and willing to share as well. I am especially inspired after reading your posts about ministry and serving. I am excited for you as you begin “writing” (more than blog posts!) What an adventure…
    I know this comment is too long. But just wanted to thank you – for the blog….oh, and for the devotional book that we received from the church when we visited. I use it before bed – “food for thought” and a verse to meditate on as I go to sleep. I have really enjoyed it.
    My guess – you are the one sitting:)


    1. Jennifer, Thank you so much for your gracious words. I’m so thankful for your “friendship” through this outlet!
      I remember your visit, and only wish we could have gone out to dinner together! It’s encouraging to hear that the book you received from our church is a blessing to you!
      I know Whitney also appreciates you reading her blog.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage my heart! I hope you’ll come visit again and maybe we could enjoy a longer time of fellowship!


  7. I found your blog through Whitney’s blog. I love reading both of your blogs. Thank you so much for the thoughtful teaching and guidance. I think I’ve been reading it for a year or two.


    1. Thank you, Mandy, for reading and for commenting today to let me know you’re gleaning from it. What a blessing! I pray the summer series will encourage you!


  8. I, too, found your blog through Come Home for Comfort! I’ve been reading for several months now and always enjoy your posts!


    1. Rebecca, thanks so much for letting me know how you found RefreshHer. Whitney does such a great job on her blog! It’s sweet of her to link up to her mom, isn’t it?! =) I’m honored that you would continue reading my posts! Have a great summer!


  9. I enjoyed getting to know you more through this post, Denise. It was interesting and fun.

    You know, I can’t even remember how I found your blog. I think it may have been through Brown Sugar Toast, but I am not sure. Or it may have been through Arlene at Nanaland. Regardless of how I found you, I am SO thankful that I did! You have been such an encouragement to me in so many ways, and I have often shared quotes or thoughts from you with my ladies’ Sunday School class.

    And yes, I also follow Whitney at Come Home for Comfort (I just love the name of her blog!) and on YouTube as well. Whitney amazes me so many times with how organized she is, and I enjoy her writing style too.

    I’m hoping to follow your great example and get all of my recipe posts organized into an index. Sounds like a good project for summer, but we will see!


    1. I’m thankful you found me, too! You’ve been a great source of encouragement here, and I thank you! I trust you’ll make good project on your recipe index!


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