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My Morning Cleaning Routine

A sweet reader recently asked me if I had a daily cleaning routine.  My immediate thought was, “No, I don’t.  I just clean when I see a need.”  THEN I began to go through what I do each morning, and I realized that I certainly DO have a routine!  It’s so ingrained in my morning, that it’s just natural and doesn’t even feel like I’m working on a list of household chores!

I’ve made a short video to take you through what I do in the first hours I’m awake – just as I go through the regular parts of each day.  I work as I go along, and by mid-morning, many tasks have been completed! Come along and see…

Just as I ended my video by saying, let me repeat – the comment from a reader inspired this video.  If you have a question or comment, let me know and perhaps it can be answered in a future post!  I ‘d love your input!

Happy cleaning!
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10 thoughts on “My Morning Cleaning Routine

  1. I always feel like I’m way behind in the morning because I’m not “done” getting everything squared away until around 10. However, seeing your video made me realize I am accomplishing things (most important=devotion time) and I don’t need to feel bad about not being up at some ridiculous hour so that I’m all ready for the day by 8. It’s not possible. Thank you for always encouraging, Denise…even in small ways like this. ❤


    1. Thank you, Debbi; our home is a definite gift from the Lord and I’m so thankful! It’s prettiest when graced by others’ presence! Thanks for coming for a virtual visit!


  2. It sure did help and may I ask what are you filming with? And also do you edit your videos with any type of software or just use U-tube. I just uploaded one to my blog. It doesn’t look so good. It has blur in it when I move around. I’m in Kentucky. I loved your laundry room and I actually have a high shelf in mine just like yours. It’s a mobile home and it was here when we bought the place in Feb. 2017. It gave me some ideas. Thanks for the video loved it! Mine is Vicky GArland maybe I’ll see you there. God Bless and I;m following! LOve your blog! Hopefully I can find your U-tube channel to!


    1. A fellow-Kentuckian! That’s my home, though I live in TN now.
      Glad you gleaned from the video! I just use my camera phone or web cam to film my videos – nothing fancy. =)


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