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Turn Responsibilities into Special Events

We had the blessing of going to Michigan last weekend where my husband officiated a precious wedding for a couple that are members of our church.  The bride’s hometown is in Michigan, so that was the location for their beautiful wedding.  I lived in the Detroit area until I was 13, so it was fun to go back to a place where I have childhood memories.

The wedding itself was just magical. It snowed the day of the wedding, making it the perfect additional touch!  Isn’t the Lord good?!  Christmas weddings can be beautiful just because of the church and its decor.  Their church was a rented church, so it would be both of their weddings, not just the bride’s.  I loved that!  Plus, this church was gorgeous, as was the bride and her attendants.

holiday nights 2

After the wedding event, we had the blessing of going to Greenfield Village for their Holiday Nights.  What a fun time we had!  It was romantic, musical, cold, snowy, festive, and fun!  We absolutely loved the whole night!

Holiday nights.jpg

holiday nights 5a

holiday nights 3

holiday nigihts 4
No, we didn’t skate, though I really, really wanted to!

hoiliday nights 6

As we were traveling home, my husband stopped for coffee, and beside the coffee shop was a gourmet popcorn shop, Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Company.  My husband slipped inside while I was in the car.  He bought three different flavors and of the two I’ve tried, I can attest to the fact that their popcorn is some of the best I’ve had!!

It was a busy weekend, but we were so thankful for all the times we had to share special memories together, such as our evening at Greenfield Village, coffee at a new-to-us place, and popcorn on the long trek home.  That wedding weekend wasn’t just special to the couple who got married, it was special to us as a couple!

It’s so important to make special events out of the things that are responsibilities.  Turn an errand to town, a trip to the grocery store, an evening at school performance or ball game by looking for the fun in each of those things.  Put your phone down.  Look at the people around you.  Stop for the caloric Krispy Kreme doughnut and hot chocolate – or the yummy gourmet popcorn!  Enjoy the brief snow flurries by getting out and watching them come down.  Hold hands with your husband while you’re out.  Do the sporadic thing that pops into your head.  Enjoy each moment.  Turn the small things into big things!

Refresh yourself and those around you by turning the little things into big, special things this weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Turn Responsibilities into Special Events

  1. Thank you for this encouraging post! I smiled all the way through reading it. Your pictures look like they’re straight out of a movie!! What a special trip for you and your husband. I love that you look for ways to make everyday events special. Thank you for the inspiration and challenge accepted! I have errands to run and to do list items to cross off my list this weekend, but I’m going to slow down and enjoy the ride.


  2. Another wonderful post, Denise! And yes, your pictures do look like they’re right out of a Christmas movie. (Only yours are better, because they are pictures of a wonderful time that really happened.) My hubby and I have learned this lesson well and will sometimes have a coffee date in the midst of running errands, or if he has an out-of-town errand to do for work, he invites me to come along. And last night, I tried out your hot chocolate mug cake recipe (which I’ll be linking to on my Christmas blog) because I’m making one for a gift and wanted to test it out. He and I got out two spoons and shared it. It was delicious!


    1. Thank you, Debbi. One of our favorite sayings is, “We like us!” It takes investing in time together to make a relationship special, and we are thankful for the gift of being married!


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