Christmas Wishes

Our family had so much fun the day before Thanksgiving having family photos made in the field behind our country house.  The farmer hadn’t cut his hay yet, making it the perfect backdrop.  I wish I could show you all of them, but for sake of our little guys in foster/adoption process, I can’t show you their faces, so you’ll have to settle with just my photo with my husband, Dale!


This is our 36th Christmas as a married couple.  You know what we say to each other?

I like you.


We like us.

I really do like him.

A lot!

Of course I also love him, but liking someone means you

accept them for just who they are,

look more at their good qualities than their faults,

smile when you know the punchline of the joke they’re telling (again),

serve them when you’re tired,

listen when they talk,

smile when you catch them looking your way,

and stay together for as many Christmases the Lord gives you together because you never know which one will be the last.

Yeah, we like us.  And we look forward to spending time together this Christmas.  Our girls are spending the holiday with their in-laws and because we really do like “us” we will have a great time together!  We won’t be sad, because we’re back to where we started all those 36 years ago, and WE LIKE IT!

Merry Christmas to each of you!  Rejoice in Christ and let all the things troubling you fade into the background as you keep your eyes on Him!  I’ll see you after the holidays are over!!

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