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2018 Is Going To Be a “Wow” Year!

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One day this past week I had one of those “Wow!” moments when I realized that I’m going to be celebrating a significant birthday this year!  It was more of a “Are you kidding me?!” kind of wow, rather than a “hurrah!” one, but it made my eyebrows lift and my jaw drop!

I had another one of those “Wow!” moments today when I realized that this blog will celebrate it’s Tenth Anniversary in August! With over 2,300 posts under its belt, I’m amazed at what God has done, via my desire to begin on this blogging journey in 2008!

I love looking into the stats to see what posts were read the most.  Here are some of them from the last year:

Family Friday
Why I Choose Not To Drink Alcohol 
That’s What Friends Are For 
Ten Things This Mom Would Do Again
My New Heroes 
How To Tell If a Child Is Ready To Be Saved
Refresh Your Pastor 
Help Your Husband Live Joyfully With You
Meal Planning for Family Vacation
Fall Favorite Foods
Being Intentionally Thankful
Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

I wouldn’t be doing this if no one was interested in reading, and I want to thank each of you who read, comment and encourage me so often.  This has been a great writing outlet, a tool as a ministry to women, and an answer to prayer.  When I asked the Lord to open doors for me to minister to women, this was one avenue that He brought to my mind.  I’ve loved it and have poured my heart into each post, video and even picture attached.

I am truly overwhelmed when I meet people and they tell me they read my blog.  Thank you for spending your valuable time to consider my simple thoughts.  I so enjoy meeting those of you that are strangers to me – either in person or via your comments.  Many of your names are in my prayer journal, as you’ve asked me to pray for you or your family.  I pray for lost husbands, children, grandchildren, moms who are widows, and some women who are desiring to bear a child.  The needs are many, but my God is able, and it is my blessing to help carry your burden!

Thanks again for reading!

That being said, I’d like to ask a few questions in closing, regarding my blog.

  1. What are the posts/subjects you enjoy most here on RefreshHer?
  2. What would you like to see more of in the future?  I write on refreshing your heart, home and life, so I do want to stick to those categories.
  3. If you’re married and could attend a marriage session for women, what would you appreciate hearing that would help you most in your relationship with your husband?

If you want to remain anonymous, you can answer those questions in an email at  .

Thank in advance for your help!

I pray your weekend is full of encouragement and refreshment as you attend a Bible preaching church!

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12 thoughts on “2018 Is Going To Be a “Wow” Year!

  1. Dear Mrs. Denise!

    I surely love your blog. Several months back, I decided to go through the blogs I follow and discard ones that were no longer meaningful to me. There is no way I could discard yours! I love that you’re from the south. I am from Arkansas but have lived in New York for six years. So I feel very “southern” when I read your posts. lol I LOVE the recipes. Nobody can cook like us southerners. 😀 One of my all time favorite recipes is your Garlic Fries. Oh my soul and body. I bet the Good Lord will have Garlic Fries at the Marriage Feast. Yummo! I also love your posts relative to marriage. I always want to serve my husband and learn how to do it better and more meaningful. So I guess that answers question number one! As far as question 2, you have such a great balance of the varied topics you write about. I’m at the end of my parenting years (my youngest daughter is 15) so those particular posts aren’t quite for me but I know there may be some one else who needs them. So I guess if I had to choose, I’d like more information on how to be an “older in the faith woman teaching the younger women” kind of topics. I’m not sure if that makes sense or not. But it’s where I”m at right now. Desiring to learn to be that older woman from Titus. And question 3. Goodness. I feel like I need all the help I can get so I can become the wife that God desires me to be in every area of marriage. I think first I just need help understanding men. lol In all seriousness, I just want to serve him with humility and gladness in my heart. Some days, that is easy. Some days, it is not. And it’s all about crucifying my flesh. Thanks for considering the needs of your readers! Many blessings to you!!


  2. Hi Denise! I just found your blog and felt so blessed to finally find a blog with so much about God, Faith, Marriage, Hardships, Darkness. My husband and I had a rough challenging year in 2017. I would love just,continuing to be able to read all of the above and anything to do with marriage and living in a low one income. Were in Whitley City, It and the jobs here just don’t pay well. I generate no income from my blog so this type of advice would be nice also. Thank you!


  3. I think you have a wonderful variety of topics on your blog! I read every post and there hasn’t been one yet that didn’t apply to my life in some way.

    I just posted on my blog about your coffee pie recipe and included the link to your blog. My family and I enjoyed it with lunch today. Yum!! Thanks!


    1. I’m grateful for your kind remarks, Alinda. Thank you for reading and commenting from time to time.
      Also, I’m glad you made the Coffee Pie! We love that recipe for lots of reasons! Thanks for sharing the recipe on your blog!


  4. Dear Denise,
    I stumbled upon your daughter’s YouTube channel just a couple months ago and soon after she had you in a video with her. I watched your channel and that’s how I found your blog.
    I’ve blogged on and off but have played around with a fairly new idea for my blog and that was combining home and spirituality. But really wasn’t sure what that would look like. I tend to write devotionals and stories. When I found your blog I felt inspired to really go with the idea I’ve had for a year or so. I love how you’re combining home and spiritual matters on your blog. I feel like you’re the person that God has put in my path as sort of a spiritual mentor. I belong to a very small church without a lot of women to learn from so its been nice!
    I haven’t read most of what you have written but from what I have read, your posts on marriage have been helpful and love the posts about creating a nice home. I’d love a little blogging advice, as well. Truly, its just nice to have a godly person’s advice, encouragement and example. So thank you for all your hard work! It matters 🙂
    Marriage topics for me would be how to be more accepting of your spouse, how to be content when you realize its not picture perfect…
    Thank you again!


    1. Johanna, wow, what a humbling and touching comment. I’m honored that you would allow this blog and my posts to mentor you. That is truly my heartbeat and I am excited that you come along each day to glean from what I share. To God be the glory. It’s such a joy to share with others what the Lord has taught me, through other older women. We all must be passing along Truth from God’s Word to women coming along behind us. (Titus 2)
      I love what you said about combining home and spirituality – to me they all intertwine. God created the home, so it should reflect Him. Therefore, my blog should, too! I pray you’ll keep reading and letting me know if I’m helping, or how I can do that better! Thank you for commenting and sharing your heart!

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