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A Healthy Balance of Entertainment

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For the last 50 days or so, I have been putting my meals into My Fitness Pal – an online calorie counter. I type in the foods I’m eating at each meal, and it tells me how many calories and nutrients are in each food.  If I go over the “allotted” carbs, sugars or sodium, for example, it will tell me what number I was supposed to stay under.  It keeps me from eating that extra snack I might be hungry for or the dessert that is tempting me. It’s really a good thing because it keeps me eating what is good, and it keeps it in healthy portions.  

In another part of my appetites, I enjoy a good fictional book. I love a funny Andy Griffith Episode.  I have several You Tube Channels that I watch.  I have Instagram and Facebook accounts.  At times these “outlets” can overwhelm me…

if I let them.

If I don’t keep a check on them.

My heart’s inclination would be to “munch away” on Insta-stories,” or be lured by the fancies of my entertainment.  It’s up to me to reign it in so that I may fill my heart with more that is edifying and will push me closer to the Lord.

The Spirit of God guides my entertainment like My Fitness Pal guides my food.  You see, if I allow the worldly to outweigh that which would edify, my emotions will be flighty. My temperament is unpredictable.  My decisions are based on feelings instead of Truth.  Oh, how I need God’s Spirit to lead me to His Word so that I will be spiritually healthy! When I tip the scale and absorb more of the world’s philosophy than God’s thoughts, I’m asking for trouble.  I pray for the Lord to

Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation;
on thee do I wait all the day.
Psalm 25:5

When I listen to the guidance of My Fitness Pal, I smile when I look at the scales.  On a much higher plane, when I listen to God’s Spirit tugging at my heart to binge less on the world, I smile when I see the results of godly thinking and actions replacing my fleshly ones.  I don’t always win this battle, but it’s one I want to keep fighting!

Do you find yourself devouring more of the world’s thinking than you do spiritual nourishment?  Ask the Lord to help you have a healthy balance; it’s a prayer He will answer!

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2 thoughts on “A Healthy Balance of Entertainment

  1. Thank you for this. I have started to use My Fitness Pal too. Actually, I should say that I have restarted. HA! It really helps me to keep my portions in check. I see all your recipes and I wish that I could eat all of them, but I can’t. It was encouraging to me see that you have to be careful too. I’m also working on scaling back on the media. Even though a lot of it is good and keeps me in touch with people when I am very far away, it can suck up a lot of my time.


    1. The truth is, I don’t eat everything I bake. Often it goes out the door for someone else. Or we keep enough for one serving and send the rest away! When I had my baking business at home, people used to ask me all the time why I was’n’t overweight. The answer was simple – I don’t eat it! I’d love to, but at only 4’9″,I have to be REALLY careful about my food intake! So I’m right there with you on that, as well as the social media. It can be a challenge to keep it from consuming my time. Thanks for your honesty; I’ll add that to my prayers for you! How’s the prayer journal going?


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