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You Thought It Wouldn’t Matter

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It’s my normal Sunday night or Monday routine.  I get home from church and people’s faces begin to pop into my mind.  Oh, not the ones that were there – the ones that were missing.  I call to my husband – 

Was ____________ here today?  I didn’t see them in their normal place.  Was she in the nursery helping out?  Did you hear why _______________ was gone?  This is their third week out; I hope they’re okay!

One recent week after I had gone through my normal “list review,” the Holy Spirit nudged me to send a card to one of the new ladies who had been gone a couple of Sunday’s.  She had seemed a little distant the last time she was there.  Her life is a bit of a whirlwind right now and I wondered if a card would even make a difference to her.  Would she just throw it in the trash wondering, “Who is Denise anyway?!” I sent it along with a note telling her I’d missed her.  For weeks after sending the card her chair remained empty and I heard nothing from her.  In my mind I nodded that my assumption was right – this little attempt to reach out to her really didn’t matter at all.

Then low and behold, my heart rejoiced when I saw her descending the stairs to our small group last Sunday!  She explained that for many weeks her children had passed around all the illnesses that swept our area, keeping them all home for weeks.  Then she said,

“I so appreciated the card you sent me – it meant so much to know that someone noticed I wasn’t here.  We’ve gone to other churches where people told  us they cared, but no one ever checked up on us when we were gone!”

My card wasn’t the only reason she was now sitting in my small group.  I learned that other people who saw her in the preaching service that preceded our small group time had stopped to urge her to stay so her boys could attend their  Sunday School classes and  she could be a part of our ABF.

These are all little things, but they matter to people.  People just want to know that someone cares about them. Who will that someone be?



It doesn’t take much.  A card.  A text.  A phone call.  A visit.  A simple meal.  A hand on the arm.  An invitation to lunch.

We listen to the lies the enemy whispers when he says, “That little gesture won’t make a difference” (but it does).


“Someone else will do it” (but they won’t).

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

How will you demonstrate God’s love when the Lord brings someone’s face and name to your mind?  Don’t believe the lie that it own’t matter, because it does.  It matters to God that you obey.  It matters to people when they know you care.

To whom could you show a gesture of God’s love?  What simple act will you follow through on to make a difference in their lives today?

I’ve missed out on the blessing of obedience so often because I didn’t think it would matter.  What lie have you been believing that has kept you from obeying God’s nudge in your heart?

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9 thoughts on “You Thought It Wouldn’t Matter

  1. Thanks Denise, I needed this this morning. There are many folks here in our church who are sick, had sugeries or just down right discouraged with things going on in their lives. I was thinking about this same thing yesterday. I was going to send out some get well cards and I heard a crash in my bathroom, I put down the box of cards and ran to see what had happened. I never went back to get the cards. As I laid down for bed last night, I saw the cards sitting there where I’d left them……oh well it wouldn’t matter anyways is what I thought. Thank you for writing this…today I will obey the Holy Spirit and send out those cards! Hugs to you!

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      1. Denise, This post did encourage me a lot today. A lady (from our Church) was at the hospital with her husband who was in ICU. Monday night they removed the ventilator. I don’t even know him and have just said “Hi” and “How are you doing?” to her. But when I saw the post on FB that they had taken him off life support, I felt the Spirit tell me you need to go see her at the hospital. I texted her friend to see if they needed a coffee or a sandwich but there was no response. So my husband and I just went.

        When we got to ICU I asked hospital volunteer to have the lady and her best friend come out and see us in the waiting room and they did with the biggest smiles on their faces. They said they needed a break from the room her husband was in. I asked about getting them a cup of coffee and they responded by saying, “We have been praying for a good cup of coffee since 4:00 this morning. The coffee here is awful.” 🙂 So my husband went and got them their coffees and a little treat to eat.

        While visiting with them I learned so much about the dying man. Even though he didn’t go to our Church he did go to his own Church. He and his wife would take turns….her Church and then his Church. I learned that he was a believer and what a wonderful husband he was…..praying with his wife every night. Even when he was away from home he would call her so they could have their evening prayer together.

        Honestly, I came away from there feeling so blessed and so glad I had followed God’s plan for me on this day. I know you don’t want to take credit for any of this, Denise, but it’s because of you I am encouraged to do so many things in my life that make me feel joy. Thanks for all your teaching and sharing. xoxoxoxo’s


      2. Wow, what a precious illustration of how the little things can mean so much to someone. You showed the love of Christ in the best way at that moment. Thanks for sharing this. To God be the glory for His nudging in our lives and teaching us these little lessons that make a big difference! Hugs to you, my friend.


  2. Its so great to read you did that. My husband and i havw had convwrsations about this because there were times we have missed some services at,church but we have never heard from anyone in our church to see how,we were, to say hi, to say there praying for us or other wise. This really bothers my husbands at times. Thanks Denise.


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