The Who, What and When of Encouragement

Yesterday a friend posted a memory on Facebook that included me.  It was from a couple years ago when I spoke at a ladies’ retreat. I had a band of women from my church who attended with me. They knew I felt inadequate to do this task.  So they sat in the front.  They smiled, nodded and prayed.  They were such a blessing to me all weekend. Some of them wrote me cards.  Some brought me thoughtful gifts, some stopped and prayed with me.  But no matter, each one touched my heart so deeply and encouraged me at a time when I really needed it!

Who – We all need encouragement from time to time.  It could be a difficult trial, a sad situation, a sickness, a loss, an overwhelming family matter or just gloomy weather that puts us each in need of the sunshine that others can bring!  Who have you noticed lately that is going through something difficult?  They could be your target for encouragement.

What – It’s easy to feel at a loss as to what to say or do when we desire to be a blessing to someone in need, but it isn’t necessary to do something huge; it’s often the little things that matter the most!  Think small.  Think practical.

  • Share God’s Word.  Read them Scripture that is encouraging.  This is so profitable!
  • Give a small gift –
    • Candy bar
    • chewing gum
    • bookmark
    • small wooden sign
    • a picture of a memory
    • a CD
    • a $10 gift card for ice cream
    • a small bouquet of flowers
  • Make a phone call or visit
  • Send a snail mail card and note
  • Write a text with a fun emoji
  • Give a loving touch – a hand on the shoulder or arm.
  • Prepare a meal or even part of a meal –
    • Breakfast foods – Yogurt and fruit and muffins, Coffee
    • Fresh fruits
    • Homemade cookies or breads
  • Extend an invitation to come to your home or to go out and do something together

When – Obey as soon as the Lord nudges you.  Don’t make excuses or put it off.  Be prompt in your encouragement.  Tomorrow’s opportunity may never come; do it today.

I’m so thankful for dear friends who saw my need and responded.  It gave me strength to do what God had called me to do, just as Aaron and Hur helped Moses. (Exodus 17:12)

Whose arms do you need to lift up? God will show you what to do.  Then do it right away.

3 thoughts on “The Who, What and When of Encouragement

  1. Your list of things to do to bring comfort to someone is very nice and so easy to do.
    “Give a loving touch – a hand on the shoulder or arm.” Just yesterday my daughter, Lisa, was telling me she was at a Church conference last Saturday. The ladies were told to put their hand on the shoulder of the person to the right and pray for that person. The lady next to my daughter gently rubbed her back while praying for her. Lisa has been going through some struggles lately and this small gesture was so comforting. This lady didn’t know my daughter needed that touch but the Holy Spirit know, didn’t He?


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