Why You Need an Herb Garden

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I’ve always had at least a tiny herb garden in each home I’ve lived in.  Right now my herbs are in a small raised bed.  I love having a small herb garden in my yard for lots of reasons and they’re also why I think everyone needs a small herb garden!

Herbs are beautiful!

herbs 2.jpg

From leafy and frilly to slender and colorful, they are pretty plants to have in the yard.

Herbs are useful.

I use my herbs in flower boxes and pots to add height or even draping over the box.  This Thyme was so prolific that I cut away some from the raised bed to add dimension to this pot.

herbs 5
Thyme is hanging from the sides of this pot.


Of course I also use my herbs in cooking.  Rosemary, thyme and parsley are wonderful in a roasting hen.  Potatoes roasted in the oven are delicious with fresh rosemary. Fresh chives on a baked potato is so good! Their tastiness in food is unending!

Herbs make perfect garnishes for food. 

I use Parsley for garnish on a platter, but if I’ve used rosemary or thyme in a dish, I also use them for garnishes.


Herbs smell wonderful.

Brush your hand over any of the herbs and then smell your fingers.  They have a wonderful aroma!

herbs 3
Parsley is at the bottom (sedum –  a succulent fills in part of my raised bed)

Herbs are easy to dry. 

I hang sprigs of my herbs in the garage to dry out.  Then, over a paper towel, I remove the leaves and put them in glass jars.  These are so much more flavorful than the herbs you purchase in the store!

herbs 4

You can add them to fresh flower arrangements.

Bring them inside and add to any  vase of flowers and it will add beauty and the fragrance!

herbs 1
Oregano – This plant is HUGE!!

Herbs are easy to grow!

If you have a hard time with other types of gardens, I’d encourage you to try growing herbs.  Buy little plants from a nursery and get them in the ground now.  By now you can see that they’ll serve you well!

Refresh your yard with herbs!

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6 thoughts on “Why You Need an Herb Garden

  1. Dear Mrs. Denise: Thank you so much for this post! This is my first experience with parsley. I’ve wondered about how to do the drying out process and storage of it. I have a question. How long does parsley keep when it is dried out and stored?


  2. Another great idea. I definitely do not have a green thumb – but this is something (small) I would like to try. I don’t have a raised bed (or any gardening bed -ha!) Can you grow them in pots??


    1. You can definitely grow herbs in pots. I’ve never had good success growing them inside but if you put them in pots that are around 10 inches wide (at least) and put them in a sunny spot, they will do great!


    2. If this is your first start with a garden, I would recommend you starting with rosemary and thyme. They are both hearty and easy to grow. Parsley is so nice to have in your own yard! When you dry it it will last at least a year, but it might not be quite as flavorful at the end of that time.


  3. I just love the scent of thyme, basil (unfortunately it dies at first frost), mint and lemon balm… one huge advantage I think is the fact that snails tend to leave them alone.


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