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Planning Can Bring Rest

All those pretty planners that were sold in the month of December or January were so inviting.  There were stickers and binders as well as pretty pens to mark up the dates.  Did you purchase one?  Maybe you got one from Target or ordered a special Erin Condren version.  At any rate, how’s it going?  Is it still in use?  I think it’s easy to get started in those kinds of organizational tools and then let it slip off into the Ocean of Good Intentions.

Sometimes our feelings of being overwhelmed are due to over-scheduling ourselves.  Over-scheduling can come from lack of planning, and a lack of planning comes from getting a bit careless.  This is true of my own life.  I’ll tuck my planner in the cabinet, then start the week off and realize I’m going in circles, and not really sure what needs to be done that day/week.  The reason?  I didn’t write it down!  Why?  I was just too lazy to sit down and do it.


If you feel overwhelmed and don’t have a planner, can I encourage you to try some sort of daily list?  It can be written in a simple notebook.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy to get you organized.  Here’s my strategy:

  1. At the beginning of the week, I fill in all the appointments and daily routines I know I need to do.
  2. Each day I add the other things that I’d like to accomplish, such as blog posts, cleaning, service to others, etc.
  3. As I accomplish each task, I check it off.  This lets me realize at the end of the day, that even if some things were left undone, I did  get some things completed!

If other things come in and keep you from doing what you’d planned, accept it as the Lord’s intervention and go with it!  If you give each day to Him, your time is not your own and He will allow you to do what is necessary.

If you find you’re not getting things done and there was no “Divine Intervention,” make sure to look over your day and see where you’re wastitng time.  You might want to

  • Limit social media until after noon or after those tasks are completed.
  • Get up earlier, if possible.
  • Try to work on a time schedule – write out the time in the day when you think you should be on that next task.

Proverbs 28:19a He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread

Hard work pays off.  If we forget to “till the land” (prepare for a future time) we will feel overwhelmed with everything that is left undone.  A little tilling now will allow you to reap more than just bread!  You’ll reap the blessing of a rested heart.

Do you use a planner each day or do you need to start one?



11 thoughts on “Planning Can Bring Rest

  1. I love my planner! I have been using the same planner for 10+ years. It really helps make sure things get done around the house and with my family. My husband and I sit down and do a “Schedule Sync” every Sunday to go over our plans for the week. I love knowing what’s ahead for the week and being able to plan for busy days and low key days.


    1. You’re smart to sync up your calendars each week! I love what you said about being able to plan even for low-key days. Sometimes those have to be scheduled so they can happen! Thanks for sharing!


    1. For a busy work schedule, I know your planner is an absolute necessity! I think you may be surprised how much more you will get accomplished at home with a planner. I have a running list of little jobs that I could do within five or 10 minutes, like straightening out a drawer, wiping down the glass in the kitchen , or finding a new dessert recipe to take to an outing later in the week. I find I waste less time with those kind of lists! I hope you find it helpful, too!


  2. I am a bad girl. I do not like to take the time to make lists. But when I do I love crossing off the things on that list. After reading this I know I need to try harder because most days I feel like I am going in circles. Have blessed week-end, Denise.


    1. No, you’re not bad for not making lists…Maybe just not as effective as you could be. Why not just give yourself five little minutes each day to list what needs to be done? See how much more productive you can be because of those 5 minutes! ⏰


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