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Time to Slow Down

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My favorite season is here – summertime!  I’m not especially a fan of the heat, but I love the long hours of daylight, being outside when it’s cool and/or shady, eating on our covered patio, working in the yard, growing tomatoes and herbs, and so many other things that include warm, sunny days!

I want to make the most of these summer months and enjoy them to the fullest.  I’ll be hosting a 5-Day Bible Club in my yard next week. I plan to visit my parents.  I need to reorganize the garage.  I have some decorating jobs I want to work on.  Plus I have a very busy fall ahead of me, and there are things I need to be doing before those days arrive.

All that is driving me to slow down my blog posts for the rest of the summer.  I blog five days a week, for the most part, and that takes many hours of writing and editing.  In order to use these summer months wisely, I feel the need to step back from something, and this is it.  I’m not leaving, I’m just going to be posting new content two or three times a week for the remainder of the summer. I will be linking to some favorite old posts, though, and I hope they will be things that will encourage and inspire you!

Here’s one post that I’m passionate about – using the summer with your children and making the most of these months with them!  I have fond memories of things my girls and I did together when they were off of school.  You’ll find all kinds of fun ideas in that post!

What plans do you have for this summer?  Are you making plans to use this season wisely?  What things might you need to set aside so you can make the most of these months?

See you in a few days,



4 thoughts on “Time to Slow Down

  1. I hope you have a restful wonderful summer, Denise. My favorite thing to do in the summer is sit outside at night with my book and a book light and read until my husband tells me to come in because it’s time to go to bed.


  2. A very wise thing to do! 😉 You have so many great posts out here that it will be good for you to bring those back so they can be an encouragement once again! Thank you for your ministry of blogging. It is such a blessing to my heart! ❤️


  3. I will definitely miss your post, but there are times we all need to step back and take a break. I have a few weeks off and have been spending a lot of time with family especially my grand babies!!!


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