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Refreshing Your Home



Years ago  my mom sent me a letter with a quote from a magazine attached.  It said,

Susan Thorn’s home beautifully confirms her shopping philosophy –
If you love it, buy it.  One day you’ll find just the place for it.

I’ve followed that advice in both wardrobe and decor. If I walk into a store and find good GBscarves marked down to $3, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with trying to remember what outfit I have that needs a scarf..  But, following this advice, I would simply find one that draws my attention, one I love.  It’s very likely I’ll have many things in my closet to wear with it because that’s what I’m drawn towards.

Now, lets think about the flip-side of that statement.  If we have things in our closets or homes that isn’t working well anymore, or that we aren’t even using, it’s time to haul it OUT!  Don’t let the worry of needing it some day bog you down.  If you don’t love it or use it/wear it, it’s only going to collect dust and take up space.

This was my hallway yesterday…


I’m currently scouring through closets, drawers and baskets to clear out that which isn’t being used.  In a day or two, I’ll deliver a load to a place that takes donations.

What do you have lying around that needs to be donated?  Why not take a trash bag or box around the house and try to fill it before the weekend is over? Go through one area at a time – 

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Dresser Drawers
  • Linen closets
  • Clothes closets
  • Laundry room
  • Garage
  • Toy boxes

Then tie up the bag(s) and don’t go through them and retrieve any items!  The blessing will come in a refreshed home with neater closets, free space, and a lighter load in your heart when you look around!  

Who’s in?

Refresh your home by purging,

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4 thoughts on “Refreshing Your Home

  1. This is so timely. Every summer I clean out closets, cabinets, attic, and garage like a mad woman. For this summer’s cleaning out I chose the Bible verse about laying up your treasures in heaven instead of on earth where moth and rust destroy your “stuff” (Matthew 6:19-21) I wrote it on a card to keep in my kitchen and when I’m strugling over whether or not to get rid of something, I think on that verse for a little perspective! As a bonus, having this verse in my mind this summer is helping me with unnecessary purchases as well. It reminds me to spend more energy storing my treasures in heaven than in my cabinets to collect dust. If it’s an item that can glorify God through opening up my home in Christian hospitality, then it is an earthly item with heavenly benefits and so it’s a keeper! But if it’s just part of my “collection” for the sake of collecting and wasting money and storage space, it’s a goner! 😁


    1. Yes! A biblical, eternal perspective on things is crucial in this world that just says get more and more! @Stuff” won’t matter in heaven! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


  2. Love the biblical perspective. My husband and I have began the process of purging. My issue is with clothes and buying rather I need it or not!!


    1. Clothes are tempting, aren’t they? My rule is if I purchase one thing I try to purge one item. That helps me decide if I really need to replace or just want something.


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