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Cozy Christmas 2018 Invitation


Years (and years) ago when I went away to college, I’ll never forget coming home for Christmas break after my first semester.  We lived out in the country on five acres and I can remember the warmth that pervaded our home even from the driveway as I approached the house.  When I stepped inside, the fire was burning, music was playing, the lights were lit and low, my mom had the best foods prepared, and best of all, my family whom I had dearly missed were there.

Our great God has given us home as a place of comfort from this world.  It’s a place that really is like none other. Home is special in itself, but when you add Christmas to it, you have an even better look at what Warm and Cozy is really like.  What does a cozy Christmas look like to you?  What makes your house twinkle?  What special memories are a part of your decor?  What movie is a “must-watch” during this season? What makes your family and friends feel welcomed? Can you picture these things in your mind?

12 Days of Cozy 2018

How about grabbing your phone and snapping a picture of those Cozy Christmas scenes and joining Whitney from Come Home for Comfort (the host), myself and a small group of other bloggers in an Instagram challenge that begins TODAY?  At the end of the challenge someone that has posted a picture for all twelve days of the prompt will be chosen to receive a $25 Amazon gift card! All you have to do is:

Each day on Instagram post and tag your picture based on the prompt above with the #12daysofcozy2018.  That’s it!

Whitney will choose a winner at the end and that person will receive the gift card to buy something cozy for their home! I think it’s going to be really fun to see everyone’s take on what 12 Days of Cozy looks like!  I will be sharing my pictures there each day, so even if you don’t post, if you’d like to see my house decorated for Christmas, come on over!

What would you choose to buy for your home if you won a $25 card from Amazon? 

Refresh the cozy in your Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Cozy Christmas 2018 Invitation

  1. I can’t wait to see your pictures! I have the SAME memories of coming home from college to the parsonage on Boone Avenue, all warm and cozy with Alan Jackson’s Christmas CD playing on the Bose. I’m not crying, you’re crying. LOL.


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