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Making Sour Dough Bread & Mentoring a Life

I’ve been making Sour Dough Bread for many years.  I often think to myself that if people knew how easy it is, everyone would be baking these loaves in their ovens!  You just can’t beat the taste of Sour Dough.  I especially love this bread toasted.  I love it for my morning toast, BLT’s or grilled cheese.  But honestly, you will never go wrong with this yummy gluten!!

I’ve turned these loaves into Cinnamon Raisin Bread by sprinkling the rolled out dough with a heavy dose of cinnamon a sprinkling of raisins. I then roll it up into round loaves and pop them into their pans to rise.

Homemade bread makes great hostess gifts, house-warming gifts, or just because I’m thinking of you gift!  Wrap it in a clear cellophane bag, then wrap a  pretty linen Tea Towel and tie it with a ribbon.

Image result for sourdough bread wrapped in tea towel
I do put mine in a bag first, but this is the idea!

I have used bread to encourage a younger woman.  Another friend I know uses tortilla-making as a help to reach others.  You, too, can take something that you like to do and use it as a tool to mentor another woman?  Watch my video below to see how simple it is!

Here are all the details and the recipe for my Sour Dough!  Can’t you just smell it baking in the oven?

What could you use to open the door to mentor a younger woman?

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