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Highlights of Recent Refreshments

We’ve had some gorgeous weather this week, allowing me to walk each morning.  I’m always so happy to step out my front door to views like this one…


I try so hard to get at least a little exercise in each day.  I exercise inside, but being outside is my favorite!  Seeing the scenery, the sky, the birds and cattle are just invigorating to me!  How about you?  Do you need to add a little routine of indoor calisthenics, or go take a brisk walk (weather permitting!)? Exercise of any kind just helps us feel better and even more energetic!

I also loved  getting my hands in the dirt while outside!  My herb garden is starting to perk up! I got rid of weeds, some debris and old stems to get things ready to Grow!

garden If you can’t get outside yet, you could start a little window herb garden or buying some pansies for your porch to bring a little spring to your world?

I also began a little spring cleaning this week. Oh, excuse me – Liza and I began spring cleaning!  We washed almost every window, plus the curtains that were hanging on them!


If you can’t get outside to start window washing, try cleaning out cabinets or washing down inside walls and baseboards.

I found a BUNCH of markdown deals at Kroger this week!  These salads are so good and perfect for lunch when I’m going to be out and don’t want fast food!  I love to peruse the aisles for those special tags!  I got salmon, veggies, and Canadian Bacon  all reduced!


Don’t be afraid to buy markdowns at the grocery store.  The sell-by date is all you need to check.  Then use it or freeze it, if possible. It just feels good to get a bargain on groceries!

When friends invite you to dinner on National Pi Day and ask you to bring dessert, you don’t have to think twice about what kind of dessert to bring!  I made the Apple Crumb Pie recipe you can find here.   I try not to bake just for us, so having the excuse of company to share it with is perfect!


When was the last time you had guests over?  Even just serving a simple dessert or popcorn is enough to make it feel like a party!  We were guests at someone else’s home and after dinner, we each pulled out our Bibles and read parallel passages of Scripture from the Gospels.  We had such great discussion about God’s Word!  We ended our time in prayer.  I felt like I’d been to a wonderful Bible study, yet it was done so simply! That kind of Christian fellowship and hospitality is hard to beat!

I’m thankful for each of these times of refreshment that the Lord gave me this week!How have you been refreshed by good gifts from God’s hand?

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4 thoughts on “Highlights of Recent Refreshments

  1. Thank you again for your inspiring words. I do like to walk outside, what kind of routine do you have for inside?


  2. I’m so glad this encouraged you! I have some calisthenics that I do – squats, sit ups, and so on; about a 15 minute routine. I went to Pinterest and found a series of exercises to target my weak areas.


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