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Me, On the Radio?!


As I have gotten older and have realized the swiftness of my life, I desire not to live nearly so much for this world, but for the next.  By that I’m referring to passing from here to heaven. That doesn’t mean I dwell on dying – it’s quite the opposite!! I dwell on living…living out a life of gratitude to God for saving me!!

Because I’m thankful for what God has done in saving my soul, I want to live for Him and I’ve begged Him to allow my life to count for Christ!  You know what? When you tell God that you want your life to count for eternity, be sure that He will hear that plea!  Adrian Rogers said,

God never leaves a fully cleansed vessel unused.

When God wants to use you, He will give you opportunities in which you can serve, but that may seem so overwhelming you know you CANNOT do them unless He does the work. That’s when He gets the glory!!

Recently my husband was approached by our local Christian Radio station asking if I would be willing to do a broadcast for women. When he came home and told me their request, my eyes grew wide, my mouth gaped open and I said,

I don’t know anything about radio!! 

How will I ever have time to prepare for that?  

What in the world would I have to share?

But I began to pray about it, asking the Lord to clearly show me His will in this opportunity.  There were sermons that I listened to that spoke directly to the question about knowing God’s will in this matter. I heard this…

“People need to know there’s something better!” A. Rogers

This quote really convicted me of the need to speak up for the Lord!

There was also a time of losing my voice for about a week while I was praying about this decision.  During that time the Lord brought to my heart the truth that,  If I lost my voice forever, I would so regret not taking the opportunity to share Christ in any way He gave me the opportunity – including the radio. 

I knew that the answer from the Lord was “Yes.”

I won’t ever forget the first day I went into the radio station to begin recording for my program.  I was sitting alone in front of the microphone in the studio, talking to no one, yet, I was speaking to every woman I could picture might be tuning in to listen.  I was excited, emotional, and so very overjoyed!  When I walked out of the studio, my husband and some of the employees of the station were seated together in the lobby and my husband asked me, “How was it?”  My reply was,

That was fun!!

It has been work to prepare for these broadcasts, but it has also been an absolute delight.  Doing the will of God always brings blessing. I’m certainly experiencing His good hand equipping me, teaching me and helping me.  I’ve had time to prepare and time to do the other things on my plate.  Once again I’m seeing that whenever God directs us to do something He gives everything we need to do it!  That’s not to say that my broadcasts aren’t full of blunders and wrong words as times, but I’m okay with that.  I’m an imperfect woman just desiring to serve my perfect God Who has given me this rich privilege.  My responsibility is to depend on Him as I prepare and obey.  He’ll take care of the rest.

So, what opportunity has God brought to you?  If you don’t have a place to serve, give Him your life and then watch what He will bring to you.  Don’t be afraid.  God will give you what He can do through you. We all have different abilities and opportunities; we just need to be willing to obey.

My broadcast will air this coming Saturday, March 16 at 3:45 on WHCB, 91.5.  You can go here to listen live. The program is named the same as my blog, only the words are separated – Refresh Her.  The 15 minute broadcast is meant to refresh women in their walk with God.  I’m covering a variety of topics for women –

  • Godly character traits – This is a series
  • Marriage
  • Priorities
  •  Prayer
  • Motherhood
  • Aging
  • From time to time I will do a series of broadcasts on passages or topics.

It’s my understanding that for now it will air on Saturday’s.  Eventually as we get a good number of broadcasts recorded (I go in and record 3 each week), it will be aired every weekday instead of Saturday.  I’ll let you know when the day changes.  For now, I hope you’ll tune in and listen and also pray for me as I launch into this God-sized opportunity!

If you’re interested, my husband is on WHCB, weekly as well.  His broadcast, Triumphant Living airs each Sunday night at 7 pm. I know you’ll be blessed!

What opportunity has God given you that you need to trust Him to accomplish through you?
Also, are you confident of a home in heaven as I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  You can go to a page here to read more about how to know Christ as your Savior.

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9 thoughts on “Me, On the Radio?!

    1. God’s plans are amazing. It’s certainly nothing I would have ever pursued, but I’m grateful I can trust Him to accomplish what He has called me to do! Thank you so much, Jenny. You are an encouragement to me!


  1. Hi! I listened to your broadcast today and will try to each week. Loved how you shared the story of your grandpa and mom(?) listening to radio and being saved. Love seeing how God brings everything full circle! God bless you in your new ministry!


    1. Amanda, thank you for listening to the broadcast and letting me know you heard it. Yes, the fact that my mom and grandfather heard the Gospel and got saved by means of the radio makes my opportunity even sweeter. I pray that the Truth shared in those brief moments will bring others to Christ! Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement!!


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