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A Date Along the Scenic Route

General morgan 2a

New routines in marriage can be so healthy!  Recently my husband and I have been enjoying Saturday night drives.  Our Saturday’s are typically busy getting ready for a busy Sunday, so by the end of the day, we both need a little time together and a drive as the sun sets has been so refreshing!

Our last drive took us towards Greeneville, Tennessee, about 45 minutes from our home.  Following our typical date night pattern, we took the back roads. We twisted along the country roads that have become our friends. We watched old red barns glisten in the setting sun with gilded hills behind them. Finally the sun disappeared like a little child nodding off for the night.  As the darkness enveloped our car, we headed into the lovely town of Greeneville.

General Morgan

Quaint lanterns line the streets, showing off the old architecture and the signs boasting its history of men like Andrew Johnson and General Morgan.

My husband made a turn down a side street and told me we were going to get out here.  We entered a side door into the General Morgan Inn. The hallway led into a beautiful lobby.  We walked on through to the restaurant where my husband asked the hostess for a table for two for dessert! We rarely ever order dessert at a restaurant after supper, so this was going to be a special treat! Our seat at the window gave a gorgeous view of the downtown street.

gen morgan 5

The dessert menu was hard to choose from, but my choice was Creme’ Brulee’.  I was not disappointed!  (There was so much that I had dessert for two days from it!)


General morgan 2

Wow.  It was so wonderful!  My husband chose their Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce and ice cream.  Again, a good choice!

General morgan 3
I was so anxious to get to my dessert I got a little hasty with my photo and chopped his head off! Oops!

The great thing about this date was that

  1. It was spontaneous!
  2. It was an out of the ordinary date for us.
  3. It was at a very special place!

We had meandered the country roads until they’d taken us to a place my husband knew would be exceptional.  It created a wonderful date night, a special memory and just the rest we needed before Sunday!

If you’re in the area, you need to stop in a General Morgan Inn for something! Whether it’s a whole meal or just dessert, you will be treated with the finest of restaurant dining, a romantic atmosphere and outstanding food!

What stress do you and your spouse need to escape from?  Make plans to do something fun to refresh yourselves and your marriage.

Keep on dating (and often take the scenic route!)

denise a

4 thoughts on “A Date Along the Scenic Route

  1. Thank you for this. Our family has been under a lot of stress recently, specifically health issues. Both my mother and mother-in-law are in the hospital, my daughter-in-law miscarried twins, and my son, her husband had a gall bladder attack and requires surgery. I recently had a bad bout with the flu . . . . Praise the Lord for his strength and mercy! We are headed to a couples’ retreat at the end of the month, but may take your suggestion to just have a little date prior to that. Love the ideas you share for Date Nights!


    1. I’m so sorry for all your heartache, Stephanie! I’ll stop now and pray for your family’s needs. God is near to those of a broken heart. Psalm 34:18
      It’s amazing to me how time together as a couple can really help calm the storms around you. I trust you and your husband will have a great time at the retreat and also any date you’re able to pull off!
      Thanks so much for reading.


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