Ready To Forgive

sunset1On a recent morning walk and prayer time with the Lord, the guilt was heavy upon me.  I had felt the Lord place His finger on a sin in my life that was causing discouragement and defeat.  All through the day the weariness of it overwhelmed me.  I had confessed the sin, but still struggled under the weight of the failure.

Why can’t I get this right?  Why do I keep failing in this area of my life?!

The next morning I rose to my time in God’s Word, followed by prayer on my knees before the Lord.  As I prayed, the Spirit of God brought to my mind a precious verse of Scripture.  I quickly located in my Bible – it is Psalm 86:5

For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.

Look at His Person – He is Good!  Who but a good, good God would forgive sinners that have sinned against Him?

Look at this position – The Lord is READY to forgive.  I picture Him leaning in, anxious to wrap His arms around us when we confess our sin.  He doesn’t stiff-arm us, hold us at arm’s length, or turn His face away.  No, He’s ready and waiting.

Look at the promise – He will forgive those that call upon Him. We don’t have to come and plead our case – Christ did that for us on the cross!  We just come and confess (call it what God calls it and then turn from it).

I was able to rise from my knees with victory.  I had run to my good God, confessed my sin and understood the nearness of my Savior Who was waiting and ready to forgive!! There was no need for defeat; that sin has been defeated by Christ’s death on the cross!  Satan may try to weigh me down with guilt, but I need to remember this Truth of God’s Word – that He is ready to forgive when I call on Him!!

If you struggle under the guilt of sin – past or present, see Christ with His face towards you, leaning in and waiting for you to simply call on Him.  When you do, there is restoration, peace and joy found in His embrace.  Don’t live in defeat; Christ is ready to forgive!

denise a

6 thoughts on “Ready To Forgive

  1. I experienced this last week as I felt I had failed the Lord and others through my sinful attitudes and actions. I was discouraged because I hadn’t planned to sin – it was all reactions to people and circumstances. If they wouldn’t act that way, then I wouldn’t have to sin this way, right? 😏 But I know in reality my reactions just reveal what’s really in my heart. I took it to the Lord after several days of feeling overwhelmed by it, like you said. I was thinking of I John 1:9 which we often quote – two words jumped out at me – faithful and just. Not only does He forgive when we confess, but He’s faithful and just in doing so. He’s totally just in forgiving us because He paid the sacrifice and He’s faithful to do so time and time again.

    I have that verse in Psalm 86 marked in my Bible along with vs. 15 of the same chapter. Thanks for the reminder to cling to the truth and His precious promises. Love you and praying for you today❣️


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