My Recent New Favorites

I love it when people find a great product and then share it with me!  So let me do the same favor for you on this Friday post! All these products are under $10 and most are way under that!

  1. Izzio Half Bread Loaves – Recently my mom told me about half loaves of bread she’d purchased at Kroger.  Since there are only two people that live at our house now, it can take a while to finish a loaf of bread.  Eight pieces is perfect!  Also, each slice has only 15 grams of carbs, which is close to half the amount of most breads!  But the real reason I love these breads is because they’re delicious!!  This sour dough is so good toasted in the morning!



This multigrain bread made a great BLT this week!  Also, I found these two loaves on the sale bakery rack.  I paid $1.49 for each loaf instead of the $2.99 you see posted below!


2. Private Select Red Tart Michigan Cherry Preserves – Here’s another food item that I’m loving.  My mom served these preserves at breakfast when we visited recently.  I raved over it so much she sent the jar home with me (She’s sweet like that!!).   This is a Kroger brand, so I hope you have Kroger where you live so you can purchase some!  A little is all that’s needed to add the perfect touch of tart and sweetness to toast or a biscuit!


3. Bicycle Tea Towel – Whitney came for a recent visit and as always, she brought me a sweet hostess gift.  I couldn’t believe it when I learned that it came from The Dollar Tree!  The quality is nice, and the design is just so cute!!  She said there are several designs to choose from.  She purchased it just before July 4th, so I’d say they still have these in the stores.

Add those tiny crafting clothespins onto the towel keeps it from sliding off the oven door handle when I open it.


4. NYX Eye Shadow Primer – The last new favorite thing I’m sharing is an eye shadow primer from NYX.  It’s under $10 at Target and is a nice creamy consistency.  If you’re not used to using a primer, it helps keep your eye shadow on your eye lid.  Super helpful!  This little container is going to last a very long time!  It’s worth getting it instead of the $2 Elf brand I’ve used before, which disappears from the container very quickly!

The NYX lettering smeared when I wiped it off before taking the photo! However, it will keep your eye shadow from doing that on your face!!

I hope you are inspired to try something from my recent finds!  It’s amazing what a difference finding these little treasures makes in every day life!

What have you found recently that you’re loving?

denise a

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