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One Necessary Ingredient for Winter Blues




The boxes of ornaments are  stored away and only stray pieces of greenery hide in the corners of house and hearth, reminding us that the much anticipated season of Christmas has passed.  The excitement of the gatherings, the beauty, the fellowship, the food and the warm spirits can cause us to look into the winter months with dread and perhaps even depression. After all,

What is there to look forward to?

Cold and snow blow around the eves of the house, often mirroring the cold in our hearts at this time of year.

With vacation days moving towards us as quickly as a cat makes a decision, we sigh and wonder how on this earth we’re going to survive!

I’m writing this post today to give you some practical tips that can not only get you through the months of winter, but also enable you to do so with joy!

It all has to do with LIGHT! Extended darkness can lead to depression.  Our wise God put the sun up high so we could see it, be warmed by it, and also remind us that He is Light! I’d like to share several truths that can transform your winter, using light.

  1. Light inside us.  The depression that comes over us begins with what’s inside us.  We must allow God’s Word to reside in our heart each day. Why?  Psalm 119:130 The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. The light it gives will point us to Christ, who is the joy and rejoicing of our heart! Passages like Psalm 103, Psalm 46, Psalm 91 are a few that will encourage you! God’s Word will counsel you, comfort you, convict you, cheer you and change you!
  2. Light to free us.- As we pray about our darkness, God replaces it with His light! Corrie Ten Boom said, 

    As a camel kneels before his master to have him remove his burden, so kneel and let the Master take your burden. 

    You and I were never asked to carry the load, but to give it to the One Who can do something about it!  Pray and give that burden to the Lord and lighten your load!

  3. Light because of us. Go to be a blessing to others, and you will be blessed yourself! Proverbs 11:25 – The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself. If you can’t get out (or even if you can!), invite someone over for coffee and a Bible study.  Bake something and take it to someone who needs encouragement (in the hospital, home-bound, going through a trial, or lonely). This gets the focus off of ourselves and also out of the house, which, though it’s comfy, it can keep us from serving.  Our homes should never be sanctuaries that we worship, but places that enable and prepare us to minister to others. I could stay home every day and be busy, warm, and think I’m content, but the Lord saved me to serve Him and witness to the lost  The first two letters of the Word Gospel are G – O!
  4. Light around us. 
    1. Physical light – I’m amazed at how many people live in a dimly lit atmosphere.  The drapes are closed.  The blinds are down.  There is one lamp on over in the corner of the room, giving as much light as is found in the pit of a cave. Put lights around the house at varying heights.  Make good use of reading lamps, hospitality lamps, and plug-in’s.  This will make your home warm and inviting.  It doesn’t have to be lit up like a baseball diamond, but allowing natural light in, as well as artificial light, will do many things for you and those in your home!
      1. Light increases productivity!
      2. Light boosts Vitamin D storage.
      3. Light benefits vision.
      4.  Light during the day helps you sleep at night!
      5. Light improves your mood!

        This little lamp is on my kitchen table and adds so much atmosphere!
    2. Creative Light –  Adding some creativity to your day will give you something to look forward to!  Whether it’s organizing your bedroom or kitchen cupboards, painting a piece of furniture or a room, doing some calligraphy on your chalkboard, increasing your baking skills,  or creating a craft you found on Pinterest, having a project to work on can make your leisure time something to look forward to, and because of all the natural and artificial light in your home, you’ll have energy to be productive!
  5. Light on your feet. I’m not necessarily talking about dancing, but just simply being physically active.  Whether it’s a fast walk in your neighborhood, a workout in the gym or at home, or a hike – just find something to keep yourself active during winter.  You’ll feel better physically AND mentally!

It’s easy to think if we could just go somewhere warm or buy something pretty, or do something exciting we’d have some joy, but all that will eventually come to an end.  If you really want to  beat the downer of winter, add some light! Also remember, Winter will not last forever!

Refresh your winter months with God’s light,

denise a

13 thoughts on “One Necessary Ingredient for Winter Blues

  1. Great suggestions, Denise ❤ By the way, I have a votive like the small one on your mantle. Did you get it at Hobby Lobby?


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