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Refreshing My Mind


How can someone read a whole book about divorce, cancer, death, singleness, and life-altering injury and come out at the end of the last chapter encouraged?!  That would seem ludicrous to some, unless you know the Author – the One Who wrote such scenarios.

The true Author is God – not the couple who penned the stories.  This month as I read, You Can Trust God To Write Your Story, by Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth, I read the interviews of many people that included hard things such as the topics I mentioned in the first paragraph.  They were heartbreaking to read because you can see the stripping away, the raw emotion of their trials, but ultimately, we were taken to see the beauty that was brought about in each story.  God, the Author was behind the scenes, directing, loving, helping, teaching, and providing.  As you’ve probably heard others say, each story was HisStory.  So profound, that only God could have done it!
Some of my take-away’s were:

  • God is always at work writing our story and His desire is that our script would bring Him glory.
  • God always works in ways that are different than anything we would plan, but His plan is best.

Because His love cannot fail, He will allow into our lives the pain and heartache that is for our ultimate good. ~Jerry Bridges

  • God is always working for our good as He orchestrates what He is writing into our life.
  • Sometimes we will have to wait for God to do what we are praying for and sometimes God says “no” to what we’re asking for because He knows there is something else we need.

God is a wise Father who sometimes refuses what you want
to give you what you need. ~H.B. Charles Jr.

One image that struck me was the difference between “Putty People” (soft and pliable) and “Pebble People” (hard and indifferent).
Putty people say to God, “You are the Potter and I am the clay.  Mold me and change me, and if necessary, break me and remake me….into the person you created me to be.
Pebble people remain the same no matter what happens to and around them. They tend to be resistant to what God wants to do in their lives.  

To be honest, as I was reading the book that describes so many hard trials, I came to a place where I began to think – “I wonder what horrible thing is going to happen to me!” But as I continued on, I was reminded of the word Trust in the title.  I can trust God to write my story, and as the author concluded by saying,

I can trust God to “right” my story.

He will make everything right in His time, in His way for my good and His glory.  This is a wonderful book full of testimonies of how God has done that over and over again!

The second book I read this month is one I have read over and over again ~ Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George.


Ladies, I cannot tell you emphatically enough that if you have not read this at least once, you need to put this on your list.  As the title suggests, it will help your mind, which is the place all our trouble begins!  The reason I’ve read it over and over is because it’s so crucial to proper mental spiritual health!  Why?  Because it addresses:

  • Guilt over the past
  • Worry over the future
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Regrets
  • Dealing with trials
  • How to live productively each day
  • Planning your life goals

In a nutshell, this book helps you think right and then gives you the practical steps to flesh it out.  This was a great book to read on the heels of You Can Trust God to Write Your Story because, as I said, that book made me start a bit of worry over what could come in the days ahead.  Elizabeth reminds us that as we think on Philippians 4:8 thoughts – only things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely…worry about the future is not truth because it isn’t here yet!  Here’s one quote I love:

As I went about my daily life, I was to let Matthew 6:34 (Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for. the morrow shall take thought for the things of. itself.) set boundaries for my thoughts. God was telling me not to speculate on my future. He wasn’t asking me to handle my entire life all at once. He was wisely telling me to limit my thoughts to today, to what was real now.

I would encourage you to buy a copy of it, get a highlighter and as you read, mark it up!  Keep that book and reread it again next year, or if necessary in six months.  You will not be the same if you apply the truths in this book to your daily life!

Have you read either of these books?  What was your take-away?  If you haven’t read them, you will be strengthened and refreshed by their truths!

Refresh yourself with godly books,

denise a




15 thoughts on “Refreshing My Mind

  1. Thank you for sharing these books, I enjoy all of Elizabeth George’s writings and have read this one, I am thinking I might need to read it again, thank you for the insight.


    1. Oh yes, Sue! That is so wise. Elizabeth is a godly woman and a gifted writer! I’ve found it so beneficial to keep this book on rotation. As I age and my life alters, her principles help my thinking to stay on track!


  2. I am a volunteer Parish Nurse at my church and am looking for ways to connect with our congregation and help strengthen members physically, spiritually and mentally. I am planning to start a book club to grow our spiritual lives. I envision where we would reading one book a month. I am asking for book recommendations that would fit this, so thank you for these. If you have any more suggestions, I would appreciate your time.


    1. Hello Shari, What a great idea to use a book club to help encourage growth! A few books I can think of right away would be Jim Berg’s book, God is More Than Enough, Rand Hummel’s book, Fear Not, and Mardi Collier’s book, What Do I Know About My God? All of these books help the reader replace emotion with Truth. These are all found on Amazon. Thanks for reading my blog; I pray these suggestions will be a blessing!


  3. Awhile back you blogged about how you memorize Bible verses with 3×5 notecards. I decided to start my own and memorize scripture. Not long after that, I attended a ladies group and we went through Elizabeth’s book Loving God with all your mind. The second verse in my notecards is Phil 4:8. Her book and your blog have helped me really see how much I need to get the word in me. Thanks for encouraging me to get her book back out and read it again and for your faithfulness in blogging.


    1. You cannot imagine how much this encourages my heart! I am so happy to hear of your 3 x 5 cards that are helping you memorize God’s Word! You will never regret that! Praise the Lord for a simple tool like my blog to encourage you! Thank you for telling me about this and encouraging me today!❤️


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