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Refreshing Little Projects

Since I’ve had a little more time at home recently I got to do a couple of small projects that refreshed items that were a bit sorry looking!

I’ve had this ugly plain little wooden tray for several years.


It has been used in the guest bedroom for a cup of coffee.  I recently looked at it and wondered why I had never tried to make it look nicer! I wanted to keep the wood stain, but just do something to freshen up the tray bottom.  So, I ran into Hobby Lobby and found this…


This is scrapbook paper.  It looks like a burlap with old writing on it.  I brought it home and cut it to fit the tray. Then I pulled out a bottle of Mod Podge I already had.  I began to add a coat of the sticky substance to the tray bottom.



First a layer of the “glue”.


Then the paper…


I put about three layers of the Mod Podge on the paper.  I went one direction.  Let it dry, then I went the other direction.

The finished product…


The Mod Podge gives a shiny surface and it protects the paper. Before and After…

My second little project was an item I bought at a lovely gift shop near me.  img_5839

It was half off because of the chip in the pot. I knew I could easily fix that!  I got out my glue gun and added a little Spanish moss to cover the chip, and also add some softness! I love the results!


Look around you and see how you could refresh something in your home with a simple little fix.  It’s amazing how much better something we use or see all the time can look if we give it a good scrubbing, add a little decoration, or fix whatever is broken!

What could you refresh at home? Consider:

  • Changing the hardware on a dresser
  • Spray painting an old basket
  • Adding Spanish Moss to terra cotta pots
  • Sewing a new cover for throw pillow
  • Painting a picture frame
  • Cover a large framed picture or mirror (or even an old coffee table) with chalkboard paint

I hope this inspires you to take a look around and find a little project that could turn something mediocre into something pretty or more useful!

Worshiping will be different for all of us this Sunday, won’t it?  If you don’t have a place you can tune in to be encouraged, I invite you to listen to our service here!  My husband will be sharing from Romans 8.  It’s been rich doctrine.  Who knows?  You might even hear me share a little something.  Maaaaybe.

Refresh something at home and then refresh yourself with (virtual) worship..

denise a




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