Freshen Up Friday

Now that the warm weather is here (woo-hoo!), I have been trying to get my front and back porches in shape so we can enjoy them.

I had added a few touches last year like white lights around the porch ceiling, but I had a couple of other projects I wanted to tackle.  For one, there’s nowhere to set a glass of tea or cup of coffee when you’re on the swing, so I was determined to be on the lookout for a table at a yard sale or Goodwill.  Since it’s going to be on the back porch, I didn’t want to spend a lot on it.  Then, my dear friend posted on Facebook that she had a coffee table she was giving away to the first one who spoke up for it. Free was in my budget and I was the fortunate receiver!  

PicMonkey Collage table

I LOVE painted furniture, so I knew I was going to paint the table, but other than that, I really didn’t have  a plan.  Enter Pinterest.  I found an idea there to paint the top of the table with chalkboard paint!  Genius!  Since it’s going to be outside, it would be a perfect finish for it!  How fun to let children draw or play tic tac toe on it!

Here’s how I tackled the project:

PicMonkey Collage table redo
Click on picture to enlarge.

1.  The before picture.

2.  I covered the table with Kilz, an oil based primer that allows the paint to adhere.

3.  I taped off the edges then rolled on the chalkboard paint.  I did four separate coats, allowing it to dry in between.  First I went one direction, then the other.

4.  I spray painted the rest of the table the aqua color.  I covered the table top so as not to get blue on the chalkboard.

5.  The next step is to season the chalkboard after the paint has dried sufficiently.  You cover the whole top with chalk, then wipe it off.  This is crucial for the board to be usable.Here’s what it looks like to “season” the board…


Here’s the reveal of the refurbished table:

decoratedIf you need some furniture for outdoors, don’t overlook Goodwill, yard sales, Craig’s list, or freebies from sweet friends!  A little time and some elbow grease may be all that piece needs to freshen it up and make it the perfect piece for your porch or patio!

Is anyone else out there a lover of painted furniture?

Have a great weekend!  Be sure to get refreshment in God’s House on Sunday!

Stay refreshed,


11 thoughts on “Freshen Up Friday

  1. The table looks so good your friend might decide she wants it back 😉 This is a great idea for a porch!


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