Marriage Memories

Townsend Plantation on Edisto Island
Townsend Plantation on Edisto Island

I love old, historic homes and the stories behind them.  While on Edisto Island recently, we took a fabulous tour of Botany Bay.  It was a cotton plantation owned by the Townsend family who were renowned for the quality of their sea island cotton. On this plantation stands the ruins of Sea Cloud, the home of the Townsend’s.  It was a brick, three-story home. The treasured memories of the estate tell of carriages pulling up in front of the estate where people would then head up to the third floor to the ballroom to attend a regal event!

I sat in our car while on our driving tour and envisioned the beautifully dressed men and women waltzing in that ballroom, the women’s long dresses swaying as they danced to the music. I could hear the laughter and chatter, and I smiled at the thought of the memories that house had created for those that lived there or had attended a gala event like we read about in our guide book!

We pulled away from the remains of the house and were headed to the next marked spot on the tour map, when my husband put the car in reverse and returned back to the house’s ruins.  He put the car in park and told me to meet him outside.  When I got to the back of our car, he held his hand out to me, and said,

“Let’s dance.”

My heart leaped.   I took his hand and we did just that  (in our own fumbling style).  No one was anywhere near us and we had the “dance floor” all to ourselves!  We laughed and embraced, and we made a memory, thanks to  Mr. Townsend’s influence!

It might just be one of my favorite memories of our marriage.  Here’s why:

  • It reminds me that fun times and special memories don’t require anything but a heart that says, “yes.”  Yes, to your spouse, yes to their whims, yes to their desires, yes, to having fun wherever you are.
  • It is a picture of a husband who is willing to humble himself to make a memory for his wife.  My husband is not a dancer, but he was willing to do something that might seem silly, in order to be romantic and create a time we’ll both treasure.
  • It wasn’t done in front of anyone to impress anyone; it was just for us.  (Okay, now all of you know about it, but you didn’t see it.  Whew!  That’s a good thing!)
  • Memories are about touching the heart, and this one did just that!

I’m not sharing this with you to brag, but to encourage you to do what you can today to create a memory in your marriage.  It doesn’t just happen on vacation, it should and can happen every single day.  Memories are just moments that are captured briefly.  Our little dance only lasted a few minutes, but it will be forever ingrained in my heart.  it’s the little things like

  • A wink across the room
  • A squeeze of the hand
  • Stopping him at the door for a kiss
  • “Your” song played and enjoyed in the car or at home
  • Seizing the moment when an idea strikes you.
  • Impulsively pulling off your path and taking a detour

The Townsend’s gave us a great idea on that day!  Could someone pull up to the memory of your marriage and do something romantic just because of the legacy of a memory you’ve left?  If no one else needs to see this, your children do!

Stir up some fun and a special memory will follow!  Create a marriage memory today!

With love,


9 thoughts on “Marriage Memories

  1. So sweet!!! Love it!! Gotta share something my hubby does every once in while… he will come in the kitchen while I’m cooking super and say let’s dance and we will while he hums something!! My boys think it’s funny and laugh but I love it! 😊


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