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Five Blessings During the Coronavirus

I want to show you some of the blessings of this very different week.  We quote Romans 8:28 often to others who are going through hard times, because we want them to remember that God is doing good things even in their hard situation.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose

What about you right now?  Are you seeing some good things that God is doing during these weeks of the worldwide crisis? Time will continue to show us more good things that God is doing, but in my little world, I can see with my little eyes some good things around me and I can’t wait to show you some pictures to illustrate them!

  1. The blessing of virtual church services – I wouldn’t want to have to meet this way all the time, but can you even fathom how many Gospel messages went out over the Internet this past week?  What a blessing to have this venue in which we can still hear God’s Word and stay connected as a church family.
    Below you can see  my husband preaching his message from our kitchen table last Sunday morning.  I sat over at the dining room table so I wouldn’t add any background noise.  I guess I was on the back row!  Ha!  Our church is using the Zoom app, which allows us to see and speak to all the people who are watching!  At the end of his message, everyone un-muted their microphones and we sang a closing song together!  It was a special blessing! I’m thinking when this is all lifted, we may see the revival I’ve been praying for!! It may come before then, and I”m watching for it!!img_6091
  2. The blessing of serving others.  The Lord put on my heart to pray about a way to serve others during this time.  I’ve tried to take time each day to do something for someone else.  What a joy to write a note, bake some bread, or make a call.  Whoever wants to be great in God’s Kingdom is to be a servant.  I don’t do it nearly as often as I should, but I’m always so thankful when I obey!
    I also had the blessing of others serving us this past week!  What an unexpected surprise and joy-lifter!

    3.  The blessing of longer times in God’s Word and prayer. With everything I had planned being cancelled, I have no time constraints!  That means there are no demands that keep me from spending more time just being with the Lord.  My favorite place to pray is out on our country roads.  I walked in the fog and drizzle this week, but then I got the blessing of a few gorgeous days like the one pictured here.  A little male Cardinal in a tree has sung to me every morning.  What  a precious reminder that God will care for me as He does the fowl of the air!


4. The blessing of going Live on Instagram!  It was a blessing because I had prayed that the Lord would use my voice to be one of encouragement right now.  There are some crazy messages going out like people “sending positive vibes” or “no plague will touch you.”  I desire to be a voice of Truth, to remind women we can be joyful and not fearful during this time.  While live on Instagram I shared a tutorial about how to make Pita Bread.  I ended it by telling those watching that just as I added honey to the Pita Bread recipe, God’s Word is the honey – the sweetness that we must add to our lives especially right now. Without it, we are left to our own finite thoughts.  We need God’s thoughts to keep our hearts on what is right. I was surprised how much fun that Live Instagram time was, and I am looking to do another one very soon! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can find me there by the name,  Refreshherblog.



Here was what it looked like behind the camera!  Ha!!!
5.  The blessing of virtual visits.  These have knit our families and friends even closer.  In regular, daily life, we would all be too busy to stop and spend time chatting using means of videos and apps.
Since we couldn’t get together, my family didn’t get to celebrate my parent’s 65 anniversary this past week as planned.  Instead we had ten people on a group Face Time call to wish them a happy anniversary.  It was such a blessing to see my family and to have a bit of a “visit.”
I haven’t spent time with my grandsons in a week and a half, but I’m seeing lots of their fun activities with their mommy on the Maro Polo app!
Tonight my immediate family is having virtual supper together!  Everyone is to come ready to share their high and low points of the week.  I can’t wait!

The Lord is good – every day!  Keep your eyes and ear open to His activity and His goodness in your life, even at a time when everything is more different than we would ever have imagined it to be!

What good things are you seeing that the Lord is allowing in your life right now?

Enjoy a weekend refreshed with His presence while you’re looking for His goodness.

denise a

8 thoughts on “Five Blessings During the Coronavirus

  1. Thank you for the good article and reminders. I also wanted to say that your card is very cute! If you made it you did a wonderful job!


  2. Thank you for the great reminders. I also want to say that your card that you sent looks very cute. Did you make it? You did a great job if you did make it.


  3. You are such a blessing!! Some days it’s hard to see the good things! I’m also missing visits with my son and his family. I’ve been tempted to “break the rules” and find a way to get those REAL hugs . . . . . ugh!! Such words of wisdom for us ~ keep them coming!!


    1. Stephanie, our virtual family dinner was so much fun! Maybe you could arrange that with your family? I’m so thankful i can encourage you in some small way! God IS at work in all of this. ❤️


  4. Virtual supper together – you are just the most creative one! Enjoy your special family time tonight! There really are so many blessings just now!!


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