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Dealing with the Ho-Hum and the Hard

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We may think it would be fun if every day was full of happy people, easy chores, prepared meals, and warm, sunny days, but let’s face it, that just isn’t reality.  We all know that is not true especially during these STAY HOME days of Covid19.

Many of you ladies have been forced into using your home as your office space, or have become overnight home school teachers.  Others may have suddenly had their husband home all day, every day – a whole new thing to enjoy/deal with.

How can these days be ones to look back on as joyful, prosperous, growing days?  Is it possible?  It is.  Let me share a simple truth I read in God’s Word that tells us how ~

I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.
When thou goest, thy steps shall not be straitened;
and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble.
Proverbs 4:11, 12


The walk  (when thou goest) it is referring to is the every day, the ho-hum, the mundane things that we do over and over again.  It’s what most of our lives are made of.  It’s the routine things of your day ~ meal planning and prep, washing dishes and clothes and little people.  It’s paying the bills and shopping, wiping fingerprints and footprints off surfaces.  It’s the repetition of instruction, teaching and admonishing.  It’s the practice of loving when nerves are raw.

How do we keep on doing this day after day after day and not go stir-crazy?

  1. We walk in the way of wisdom in the ho-hum, mundane things of daily life. Remember that Christ is the Way of Wisdom (V. 11) – That means that we walk in the path of Christ, with Christ, towards Christ and when we do, our steps will not be hindered.  
    In practical terms it means that we acknowledge Christ when we get up in the morning.  We ask Him to live His life out through us.  We tuck a portion of His Word into our hearts as we head out on our path – (when we go make the first meal of the day).  We keep Him in our thoughts as we deal with the first attitude melt down, the spilled milk and the burned toast.We minister to our husband through the frustrations that come with two sinners living together as unto Christ.  We keep Christ in the forefront of our words and attitude.  How can we be resentful, grumpy and hateful if we have Christ in the path of our mind?  In short, we can’t.
    Instead of the grind, the tramp and plod, our steps will be light and peaceful…they will not be hindered. (V 12)
  2. We handle the crisis that come with wisdom. Those sudden spurts that come in the occasional crisis times won’t overwhelm us when we have marked out our path with Christ, our wisdom.
    On the practical side, when the fear of the virus strikes us, or even when the virus touches our family, we won’t be overwhelmed by it because we know Christ has chosen our path and is walking beside us.
    When finances get tough, groceries are scarce or the washing machine stops working, we won’t lose it or be overwhelmed when we remember that the Way of Wisdom, Christ, is walking this path with us. His Word will come to our minds and instruct us.  I Peter 2:21 reminds us For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.

Our circumstances are the same, but the outcome sure changes when we know that God the Son is there loving, helping, guiding and comforting in both the mundane and the mighty things in our lives.

So recognize Christ on your path today.  See Him before you.  See Him behind you and beside you.  Then go on with your day with the ho-hum or the hard and allow the Wisdom of your Savior to guide each step.

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6 thoughts on “Dealing with the Ho-Hum and the Hard

  1. Wise words for this long (rather ho-hum) afternoon. I certainly walk through these quarantine days (and this day!) in wisdom!!


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