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(Some of) The Best Parts of My Week

I have tried really hard to keep a good attitude during these days at home.  I LOVE home and enjoy being here…but I must admit that the rainy, cold days have tried me.  One day I almost sent a text complaining about the rain, but then as the Spirit of God reminded me that it was sent from God’s hand, I wrote, “These rainy days are making me really thankful for the days when the sun shines!”

To help with keeping a right attitude, I have kept a list in my Happy Planner every day for the last several weeks of the blessings in the day.  They’re not big things, but just things that encouraged me or made me smile!  I’ll share some of the pictures of those things with you today as I did last Friday.

The sweetest gift – My husband has brought home two bouquets of flowers this week when he’s dashed into Kroger for cream or produce.  We love to check out their marked down bouquets.  Let’s face it, a bunch of fresh flowers just perk up an otherwise dreary day! He’s quite a guy to be so thoughtful. 


The cutest Liza pose – Liza joined me while I was working on my menu plan for the week.  Of course she just wanted my attention, and this adorable pose got exactly what she wanted!  Who could resist?


The new thing I’m learning – I’m growing two kinds of lettuce, broccoli and peas in my spring garden this year!  I’ve never had an early garden with vegetables before, and I’m so excited about it.  The lettuce is doing well at this time and I’m excited about our first harvest!  I also planted seeds between the row of plants so our harvest will keep on coming through the summer.


The most fun thing I did – This is a repeat from last week – we took another long bike ride.  We rode 9.5 miles on the greenbelt.  The weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking!


The best thing I ate – I’ll be sharing this recipe soon, but I cannot believe how delicious chicken and cabbage could be when cooked together!  I’m not a cabbage fan, but this turned me into one!


The thing that made me smile the most – My grandsons came for a backyard visit!!! I hadn’t seen them in person for six weeks and two days (not that I was counting or anything!). It was so much fun to see them running around the yard and playing!


The truth that encouraged my heart the most – Psalm 27:13, 14 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. 

As we wait out the rest of the time until all restrictions are lifted, I am waiting on the Lord to do His good work in my  heart, and in the world around me.  As I joined our church in a private day of prayer this week, I meditated on these verses, thankful that I can believe to see the goodness of the Lord in my life, even during a pandemic!

Thanks for sharing in my joys!  What was the best part of your week?

Refresh yourself by finding the blessings from each day!

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4 thoughts on “(Some of) The Best Parts of My Week

  1. Yesterday some ladies from my church had a Zoom meeting and we shared what God is doing in our lives and prayed for one another’s needs. It was such a blessing to “see” them and fellowship in the Lord. Today my sweet son got us a lunch treat from a restaurant doing “pickup” orders 😋 And I have also loved watching baby bunnies hop around my backyard…God is good. He has blessed me with many joyful things!


    1. I loved reading this, Jenny! Your Zoom fellowship is so sweet! I can attest to the joy of seeing the faces of our church family when we have our services. It’s the next best thing to being together! And the other things you mentioned are all reminders that the little things bring such blessing! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Denise, I am so glad that you got to see your adorable grandsons. That ought to have lifted your spirits tremendously. I have been counting my blessings too. Just this morning I was complaining about my washing machine (which I have never liked) and then I said, “but at least I have a washing machine.”

    This past week was good for me. Another great grandchild was born into our family on April 29th. Mama had an emergency C-section but everything is good. Praise God!

    Yesterday was May Day, so I made and delivered baskets to my neighbors, some shut-ins and four of my grandchildren. It was so much fun. I highly recommend everyone to do something kind for someone. It will be more of a blessing to you than you can imagine.

    Take care, Denise. And thank-you for all the encouragement you give here and on your YouTube channel.


    1. Congratulations on the new baby born! What joy that brings! I love your idea of the May Day baskets; how thoughtful! I’m sure that brought smiles to the receiver’s faces! Thank you for sharing your blessings! You are always an encouragement. =)


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