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Memorial Weekend Memories

We had a service at church with just the leadership last Sunday. this coming Sunday the doors will be open for all to join us!this coming Sunday the doors will be open for all to join us! My husband was seriously waiting for the online part of the service to kick off!
These sisters are always thankful for a chance to get together!
This cutie was excited for his first homemade ice cream!
They love Uncle Paul who is such a great sport!
Little helpers made making homemade ice cream even more fun!
Oh yes!
Blackberry pie made with berries delivered by a dear friend.

The time of the pandemic has reminded me of the preciousness of every Grace gift from God’s hands.

Time to gather in God’s house with other believers.

The blessing of being with those you love.

The opportunity to fellowship with family.

These are all precious gifts.

How wonderful it was on Sunday to walk into our church building! Even though only part of our church family was there, my heart was so full to see those that were gathered, and just to be in God’s house.

It was another blessing on Memorial day to actually be able to gather together with our family – face to face! We talked, we asked questions, we watched the boys play, we grilled yummy food, we laughed, we played games, and we were thankful. How refreshing it was just to be together.

I don’t ever want to take these blessings for granted! Part of the reason I’m posting them here is so that I will remember the preciousness of these events!

What blessings are you especially thankful for after being confined? How are you keeping them in your heart?

Refresh the memory of your blessings by journaling about them, creating a scrapbook or post them on social media so you can remember…and sigh a happy sigh!

5 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Memories

  1. Lots of “sweet blessings” – not just family, summer fun but homemade ice cream!:) Praying that Sunday’s service will be a joy and real encouragement for you and your husband!


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