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Just Keeping It Real, Folks!

Last year I read The Cozy Minimalist and I loved it! Myquillyn Smith, the author, doesn’t tell you to clear everything off your counters or have an undecorated home. Rather, she tells you how to use what you have in a wise way. I read the book because I felt like I was being inundated by stuff. I still have lots of it, but I’m learning to decorate with less, and I love the look so much more!

Recently, Myquillyn shared a live chat on Instagram about how to use greenery in your home in a way that is beautiful. She went to Michael’s and World Market looking for branches of leaves that looked real. She’d pick up a branch of silk fall leaves and say,

We can do better than this!

I have to agree. Plastic leaves that LOOK fake won’t fool anyone else’s eye if they don’t fool mine.

Her strong suggestion was to go outside and cut branches from your own yard, or from the area (with permission, of course!). Arrange the branches in a vase of water and enjoy! Every few days you may need to switch them out, but they’ll look far better than the cheap ones do! Here’s my recent attempt to add some greenery to my dining area ~

The very next morning while I was walking, I found a beautiful tree branch that had fallen from a tree on the street and was on the side of the road. I picked it up and carried it home with me and here’s where its new home is…

I look forward to finding some branches with colored leaves in the weeks ahead. I may not always have fresh branches in my vases, but I’ll definitely look for fresh more often!

Take a look around you and consider fresh greenery for fall, and even in winter. Those trees and bushes that need a little trim could add just the right touch to mantles and table scapes!

Have you ever used branches from your yard to add green touches around your home?

Consider refreshing your indoor greenery by keeping it real!

Here’s how I “minimalized” my home last year after reading The Cozy Minimalist. Be sure to scroll down and see the side by side before and after pictures!

11 thoughts on “Just Keeping It Real, Folks!

  1. Yes! The clippings that I took from my front yard bush in March are still looking beautiful in a vase! I love that it’s free – “good” greenery is so expensive. I love, love your mantle with that branch!


    1. Wow, they’re still fresh after months in a vase? That’s great! I’m praying that branch on my mantle had NO poison ivy on it! =0 I’m fairly positive it’s all clear, but you know me!


  2. I would like to read that book. I don’t like a lot of clutter either but sometimes look around and feel like I have to much stuff out. 😳


  3. Your vase and mantel look very niec. I have Cozy Minimalist Home sitting on my desk right now. Can’t wait to get into it and glean some of her ideas.


  4. I really like your arrangement in the dining room. Our former pastor’s wife had the prettiest fall decoration…she had a round braided placemat in fall colors with a candle on top and scattered real red and yellow leaves. It was so pretty and made such an impression, that after that, I often looked for real leaves to use.
    I really enjoyed that book.


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