A Few Photos On Friday

We are into Day 4 of Sabbatical and I can attest to the fact that REST has been a blessing!

We are tucked away for a few days, but not far from home. No Internet (why this post is later in the day), quiet, and peaceful – this has been perfect start to our month!

I’m reading three books, all different topics, but fitting together in a way only the Lord could make happen.

Here are a few pics from this week.

Time with the Lord in the morning in this special spot. 💗
Smokey Mt. Bakers in Roan Mountain has some good pizza!
Blowing Rock, NC. The views there never disappoint!

One take-away from all I’m reading and what the Lord is doing so far is that God’s ways can be trusted. His timing is perfect and that means I can rest.

Floating along…like we can do under God’s care!

Refresh yourself as you rest in our sovereign God.

4 thoughts on “A Few Photos On Friday

  1. What a blessing! We are in a busier stage of life right now with my husband’s retirement than we have ever been, it seems. We have been doing a lot of traveling, but real rest and refreshment is just out of reach right now. Thankful for the restful moments we can find here and there! And happy for you!


    1. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I understand what you’re saying! We have been going nonstop for so long. This has come at the perfect time. Thanks for rejoicing with us. ☺️


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