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Checking In

In mid September I began memorizing the third chapter of Colossians. Oh, what a joy this chapter of Scripture has been to my heart! I have mediated on it over and over as I’ve put this chapter in my heart. There are so many wonderful truths about my position in Christ, and then the reminder of the things that should be a part of my life because I am in Him!

When I shared my desire to memorize this chapter last month, I promised to give an update. My goal was to learn one verse per day, but it was a bit too challenging. My struggle isn’t each learning individual verse, but saying them in order! The Lord is giving me understanding as I keep rehearsing the chapter each day. I am really enjoying using the Bible Memory App. It really makes it easy to review my verses anywhere. I am now up to…

Verse 21. It’s exciting to me that I only have four more verses to go in this chapter!

There have been many nights that I awake in the middle of the night, wide awake. It’s been my practice this month to begin repeating Colossians 3 in my mind. Before I know it, I’ve gone back to sleep! I dream peacefully and get good rest.

Psalm 119:52

 I remembered thy judgments of old, O Lord; and have comforted myself.

This is no boast…I’m very slow and I don’t have nearly the amount of Scripture memorized that I should have at this age. I only share this to keep myself accountable. I also pray it challenges you to be memorizing God’s Word! What a treasure it is.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Thanks for the update! Your post was the ‘kick in the seat of the pants’ that I needed to pick up Ephesians again. I’ve finished chapter 1, but I am struggling getting all the verses in order. I keep working at it. It’s been such a blessing to me to meditate on the fact that I am chosen predestined and accepted in the beloved!! Have a blessed day!


  2. Sorry for the “kick in the pants,” but I guess it’s one we all need from time to time, isn’t it? One blessing about memorizing a chapter is the quiet meditation that it takes to get it all in order. Suddenly it’s just all begins to make sense and all that reviewing just makes the riches of God‘s word settle deep into the crevices of my heart and life. I know you are finding the same thing as you memorize Ephesians 1. Way to go, Kim!🙌


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