A Simple Formula for a Thank You Note

Forty years later I still remember my guilt at realizing months after I got married that I had forgotten to write a thank you note for a belated wedding gift. Sadly, my embarrassment kept me from writing. I’ve since learned that a late note is better than none at all! It dawned on me this week that I had not written a note to a sweet friend who had given us a gracious gift. While I know she loves me enough not to judge me for my neglect, I quickly wrote the note to remedy my lazy gratitude.

We’ve all been guilty, I’m sure, of neglecting to write a thank you note after receiving a gift. Perhaps it’s busyness or forgetfulness or perhaps it’s a third area to blame – “What do I say?” If you haven’t asked that question, I bet your child has! There are really only three components needed for a thank you note to do its job.

  1. Say thank you for the gift That would include gratitude for remembering the occasion for which it was given. “It was so sweet of you to send the bouquet of flowers. That made my birthday so special!”
  2. Say what you will do with the gift or why you appreciated it. “The slippers will be so cozy in the upcoming cold temperatures!”
  3. Say something about the person who sent the gift. “I’m so glad the Lord gave me such a dear friend in my sister!”

Those three components will make the recipient know:you received the gift (if it was sent), you loved the gift, and that you appreciate them.

Gratitude accomplished!!

Have you ever realized you forgot to write a thank you note? Did you send a late one or none at all?

2 thoughts on “A Simple Formula for a Thank You Note

  1. I, too, have learned a belated thank you is better than none at all. People enjoy receiving them, and often they arrive at just the right time! I am a huge sender of cards/notes for any reason 🙂

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    1. You’re so right – they are a blessing to receive! Good for you at being a “sender” of cards. A written expression of love and thanks will never go out of style!


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