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A Conspicuous Marriage

[kuh n-spik-yoo-uh s] 

1. easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable:
a conspicuous error.
2. attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities:

In Philippians 1:20, 21 Paul wrote –

For me to live is Christ.   

Paul lived out his love for the Lord in a way that was conspicuous.  It was noticeable.  

I’ve been dwelling on how I might be more conspicuous in my love for my Savior.  Our love for Him connects to everything we do and every relationship that we share.  Is Christ’s love conspicuous in every area of my life?  

Today I’ve been wondering specifically how conspicuous my Christ-like love is displayed to my husband.  If God gave him to me, shouldn’t I be demonstrating Christ’s love in my marriage?  Of course!  But if we’re honest, our husband is often swept up into the dustpan like the crumbs from last night’s dinner.  All neatly  place out of our way, we can now storm proceed to the next thing or person on our list.  

“I fixed him dinner!” we might cry.  Or we may wrongfully assume, “He’s watching football – he doesn’t need me!”  But if we desire to show Christ-like love, we need to be conspicuous about it. Whether or not he knows  you love and respect him, you need to be saying it and demonstrating it in a way that it is also obvious to others that are watching you.  And oh, others are watching – especially if you have children!  They are listening when you think they don’t hear your response to their daddy. They are watching when you think they are absorbed in  play, and they are learning from your example.  That can be a scary thought, or it can be a good reminder – it really all just depends on how conspicuous your love and respect are being demonstrated to that guy you married.  Think back to before you were dating; remember how your heart skipped a beat when you knew he was near…even in the same building?!  Perhaps you tried to be inconspicuous about your feelings at that time, but now you can, no should make it obvious that you’re crazy about him!

Find a way today to make your love for your husband “easily seen and noticed!”  Pick an idea below and let your love and respect “attract some special attention!” 

  • Draw a Love and Respect Tree on a mirror using dry erase markers.  Add leaves (made out of scrapbooking paper) each day with reasons written on them why you respect and love your husband.
  • Write him a Thanksgiving card and send it in the mail telling him why you love him, then send it to his workplace.
  • Buy him his favorite treat ~ just because ~ and present it to him as a small token of your love.
  • Tell him thank you for the little things he does.  Does he lock the doors at night, take out the trash, make your morning coffee, open the car door for you, bring home a pay check, pick up his dirty clothes? Find something and say “thank you” eyeball to eyeball. End it with “I respect you for that!”
  • Be demonstrative of your affection.  Hold his hand or arm, give him a wink from across the table, and for sure, give an affectionate kiss when one of you leaves home!
  • Spoil him.  Give him the first, the biggest, the best of whatever.  In the south we call that “specializing” on him!

  The love of Christ should manifest itself in your marriage in such a way that no one could miss that fact that you two are still in love!     What will you do today to make your love for your husband conspicuous?

In case you didn’t know, I sure love this man!

P.S. Don’t have any expectations about his response.  Just do it because you love Christ.  

Be conspicuously in love,

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