Early Thanksgiving Preparations

Two weeks from yesterday I have will have the privilege of hosting Thanksgiving for my family.  There will be at least eight of us here, with the possible addition of other non-family guests.  I’m excited about getting to host this holiday that is the beginning of a wonderful season of the year!

Though I’m not having twenty or forty people, like many of you may be hosting, I’m still trying to plan out my preparations in these weeks before so I can enjoy my family and not be scurrying about the kitchen all day.  Here’s what I’m working on getting done before Thanksgiving week arrives.  Maybe this will give you a few ideas of things you can do beforehand, so your stress level will be diminished!


  • Clean summer dust off windows
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Polish hardwood floors
  • Have sofa upholstery professionally cleaned
  • Wipe out fridge and freezer
  • Get rid of any unnecessary containers in fridge so there will be plenty of room for all the food
  • Clean oven
  • Wipe down cabinets

Table Prep:

  • Iron  linens – napkins and tablecloths
  • Clean/polish silver
  • Plan centerpiece
  • Purchase any candles needed
  • Make place cards

Food Prep:

  • Plan dinner menu
  • Ask guests who have volunteered what items they’d like to bring
  • Purchase any pantry items that aren’t perishable
  • Purchase/order turkey
  • Bake cookies and freeze
  • Make pie crusts and freeze

Those are the things I’ve thought of so far.  My mind will wake me up at night sometimes, with a thought of something I need to add to my list.  It’s good to have a pad and pencil by my bedside for those nighttime ideas!

Who else is hosting Thanksgiving at their house?  How do you prepare ahead of time?

Stay refreshed,


9 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving Preparations

  1. My daughter is hosting Thanksgiving this year so I am going to enjoy that but like you, I like for my house to be tidy before putting up all my holiday decorations so I had the carpet cleaned yesterday and they also scrubbed the ceramic tiles in my kitchen. Of course that made me notice that my white cabinets need cleaning!!


  2. I’m thankful to not be hosting this year. I enjoy hosting, but it’s still a relief to only be responsible for a little food. Your list is impressive. Professional upholstery cleaning. That never even occurred to me.


    1. I don’t typically have the upholstery cleaned every year, but I have a quilted sofa with a light background that could use a loving professional hand. It’s a favorite place for everyone to pile onto! Enjoy your Thanksgiving reprieve. 😏


  3. Denise, thank you for the good ideas to help prepare for the holiday! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. My husband and I host Thanksgiving each year. (This will be our fourth Thanksgiving.) Today I made my menu and grocery list – and this weekend, I plan to clean, get the table ready, and put up the rest of my autumn decorations. His birthday is next weekend, so the cleaning and planning for his birthday party is putting me ahead of schedule for Thanksgiving! That’s a good thing! 🙂


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