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Spring Home Touches

I have a favorite You Tube channel that I love to watch. White Cottage Company always leaves me encouraged and inspired! Mary has such great ideas for decorating her home. Recently she showed how she took Dollar Tree fencing and made it look like wrought iron! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had been looking at Hobby Lobby for a piece like this and it was very expensive! After watching Mary, I wondered if I could replicate what she did. I knew I had to give it a try!

First I purchased four pieces of fencing from Dollar Tree. I clipped off the side pieces where it would attach together. Then I used a white trim paint to paint the front of the fencing. It took me ten minutes per section.

After it dried, I used a piece of sandpaper and roughed up the edges so it would look like the iron was a little worn.

I was gluing three pieces of fencing together, so I used clippers and removed the stakes that would be on the bottom row, but I left the other two with those long stakes. They are what I used to glue the pieces together. If you look carefully at my close up, you can see those long stakes. I used a hot glue gun to glue the rows together and clamped them while they dried. ** NOTE: I think I’ll purchase E6000 glue and reinforce it to make sure it’s sturdy.

The other touch I added in my living room was this framed wreath. I had a picture there that I knew was too small, but couldn’t find something I loved to put in its place. On the day when I was wanting to add the wrought iron fending and also “fix” this wall, I simply prayed, “Lord, would you help me to do this quickly and use things I already have?” I love seeing how God answers those little needs that matter to me. He helped me to know exactly where the fencing would look best, and then brought to my mind this wreath and also the frame – both things I had on hand!

Another project I’m working on is getting longer drapes so I can move my rods up higher! All in God’s time!

My addition of spring touches cost me only $4.75 and a little bit of time! I hope this will inspire you to

  1. Craft something for your home.
  2. Pray about how/what to add.
  3. Use what you already have on hand!

What will you add to your home to freshen it for spring?

9 thoughts on “Spring Home Touches

  1. Your home is lovely, Denise. I was really hoping you would do some posts on Spring decorating because I love your style. Thank-you for sharing.


  2. I absolutely love your “wrought iron” piece! Such a neat idea and it looks so good! However I think there is something I am not understanding in your directions – you purchased and painted 4 pieces of fencing and said you were gluing 4 sections together, but in the piece you show I am only seeing 3 sections of fence. What am I missing or not getting? Thank you!


    1. I’m sorry; You are correct. I started out with four pieces and then decided to remove one so it would fit over the mirror. I’ve updated the post. Sorry for the confusion!


      1. No worries! I just thought I wasn’t understanding. Thanks for the clarification! I love the look!


  3. Thanks Denise! I enjoy watching you decorate for all occasions. I too like watching Mary at White Cottage Company. She lives couples hours north of me and I’ve always wanted to check out her booth.
    Happy Spring!


    1. Oh, I would LOVE to visit her booth, too! Did you know they are building cottages for guests on property in the area where they live? She is so gifted! I hope you get to make a trip to visit up there!


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