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Your Purpose

Over and over again my heart goes to the word, purpose. Why does God save a soul and leave them on this earth, rather than take them to heaven? Because He has a purpose for each of us. We have a life to live that can be full and so blessed because of the God of our life IS our life!

What is it? What is your purpose?

It’s greater than just making it through the day so we can plop down somewhere and scroll, or fasten our eyes on a rectangular box and “chill” while we doze. That’s what a cat does!

For those who have trusted Christ as Savior, we have a soul that has been rescued from hell, and people all around us are without the hope of Christ. They need the Gospel!

Our purpose is to use what God has given us in the place where He has put us
to share the Gospel, disciple believers, to live out a full and fruitful life!

I look at Paul in Philippians one and see that he is in prison. His help came through the supply of the Spirit of Christ by the prayers of the people of God. He believed that no matter what happened, God would not cause him to be ashamed or turn against him. He was confident that he was in the center of God’s will. He wasn’t being punished by God. Christ would be magnified if he lived or died. Paul didn’t dictate how God would be glorified – he left that up to God.

According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:20, 21

Where has the Lord put you? It’s no accident. Serve Him there.

What has God entrusted to you? What possessions? What talents? Use them for His glory.

Who has He placed around you? Spouse? Children? Neighbors? Use your voice to share the Gospel, encourage them with the Truth, and help bear their burdens.

You are alive and breathing today due to the kindness and the plan of God. You have a significant purpose that no one else could fill. Don’t waste a moment, but get up and ask God what you should do next. Watch how He will use your life if you simply recognize He has purpose for YOU!

Are you living out the purpose for which God has designed for your life? There’s no greater joy!

What questions do you have about your purpose in life?

10 thoughts on “Your Purpose

  1. This morning I have had Acts 17:28 in my mind & heart “For in Him we live and move and have our being…” I’m so thankful to know Jesus, and I pray He will be glorified in my life.

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  2. Very timely! I entered the Empty Nest in 2021, and not under ideal circumstances. We homeschooled K-12 and both our children lived at home until they married. Our daughter was almost 30! Some days I flounder as I seek to know what God has specifically for me to do. I’m busy with a widowed father, grandchildren, teaching at church, and taking care of home and hubby. I often wonder if there’s more . . . . . Any good resources?


    1. Stephanie, I would encourage you to read A Woman After God’s Own Heart. It’s so basic about doing God’s will as a woman. Rereading it right now has brought a fresh reminder to my heart of what I need to be doing.
      I also just started reading a book entitled, Courage for the Unknown Season, by Jan Silvious. It was recommended to me by a godly friend. I’m sure there may be areas where discernment is needed, but it sounds like it’s teaching what I need at this phase of my life. Perhaps it would encourage you, too.


      1. Thank you! Elizabeth George is a favorite of mine and I’ve read that specific book and have done the study. May be time to pull it out again! Thank you for the additional book suggestion. I’ll have to look it up!


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