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Improve Someone’s Day!

Jim George Stood in his Sunday school class and said,

With every encounter, make it your aim that people are better off for having been in your presence. Try in every encounter to give something to the other person.

 Those are powerful words and such a great way to enter into any situation. As we study the next chapter in A Woman after God’s Own Heart, by Elizabeth George, we’re going to learn some simple and effective ways to encourage the hearts of other people.

We live in a world that is consumed with pleasing self. We want to make sure that we are comfortable and that we have what we need, but Christ encourages us to have a heart that reaches out to others. Proverbs 12:25 says, Heaviness in the heart of a man makes it stoop, but a good word makes it glad. Even just giving a good word can encourage the hearts of others that are in our presence, or our path.

Do we just randomly walk into a room and start talking? Of course not. Our heart has to be filled with what we learn sitting at the Lord’s feet and learning from Him. It’s the Overflow of what we are learning that we are able to give to others. That’s where this encouragement is going to come from.

 What kind of words can we share that will bless others? God’s Words!

 As we memorize scripture, that treasure in our heart will be a blessing to other people. Does it really matter what we think? Does our opinion make a difference when someone is going through a trial? What other people need is the hope of God’s word. 

Psalm 20:7 – Some trust in chariots and some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. What strength a verse like that can give to someone who is in a difficult time. Psalm 119 28, My soul melts for heaviness: strengthen thou me according to Thy Word. Verse 72 says, the law of by mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver. This is such a reminder that God’s word is better it’s richer, it’s deeper than any word that we could give.

I enjoy doing watercolor paintings and it requires many tools. I have a variety of brushes before me in different sizes and shapes. I have my paints, two jars of water, I have the correct kind of paper end absorbent towel. Before I get started I lay out all the tools so that I can paint a picture. When we are memorizing scripture, we are laying out all the tools needed to counsel our own heart and hearts of those that we come in contact with. Memorize scripture so that you can pick up those tools and use them wisely.

 We can encourage other people with 3 other spiritual gifts.

  1. Serving. It is the basic ability to help other people and there is no reason why every Christian cannot have and use this gift. Think of all the different places where we could serve. Obviously we always start in our own home first, but then when we just step out our door. Who could you serve in your neighborhood?
    My husband is so great it this. Every Tuesday when our trash truck comes, he goes up the street and puts everyone’s trash can away. That service to our neighbors has spoken volumes and given him many open doors for the Gospel.
  2. Giving. This is another ministry that we should all be involved in. Giving is the ability to distribute your money and your possessions to others, and it is to be done with simplicity, which means with no thought of getting something in return.
    This summer when my husband and I were visiting Charleston, we walked the streets of the beautiful Victorian homes. All of them are enclosed with iron gates. One house that we walked past had a sign on it that said, This Garden is open. Please come in. We were a little pensive, but we read the sign again and decided to accept the invitation and we stepped inside the garden. We were met with such beauty and grandeur of a gentleman’s garden. (See picture above) A man in his 80’s was bent over tending to some flowers when we walked in. Other people trickled in after we did and soon he was greeting them all and asking them where they were from and welcoming them to his garden. That is a heart that gives. We need to have the attitude to say, “My garden gate is open, please come in! I think especially after Covid, to have a heart that is generous and giving is so unusual that it really touches the heart of other people. So what do you have that you could give generously to others?
  3. Mercy. This is related to the gift of ministering, and involves comforting those who are sick or afflicted. James says, Pure religion and undefiled before God is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction. James 1:27.

We often make serving God so much harder than it really is. How simple it is to consider sharing God’s Word either through spoken word or written in a text or card, serving, giving, and showing mercy. They are gifts God has given us, which makes it easy to turn and share with others.

How can you use these suggestions and improve someone’s day just because you were a part of it?

2 thoughts on “Improve Someone’s Day!

  1. Denise, This was a great post. Everywhere you look there is a need big or small. I am like Dale. I bring in all the garbage and recycle bins of my neighbors on garbage days.
    I, also, plan to go to an elementary school and read with second graders this fall. Sending notes or cards is another good suggestion. People love to get encouraging hand written notes.
    The picture of the garden was so beautiful. Think what you would have missed if you hadn’t entered. Plus, the man would have missed talking to you and showing off his work of art.


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