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Family Times Around the Table

You read the title correctly, we made family memories, not going around the globe, but gathered around the table. We had the blessing as a family to enjoy our third annual HamFamVacay! That simply means, Cunningham Family Vacation. We spent three nights in Sevierville, TN over the Labor Day weekend. We stayed at a Wyndham resort again. We were a little crowded in our two bedroom space, but everyone made concessions for one another, and we made it work just fine (we like each other!). Who could complain with a view like this…

As I looked at my photos and thought back on my favorite memories, it became clear that the best times were the times around the table. When my husband asked me what my favorite memories of the weekend were, it wasn’t hard to answer, “All the times together at the table!” It would have been easy to have grabbed our food and then be seated on the couches or out on the balcony, but we made the effort to sit together and share our mealtimes.

What’s so good about table time?

  • Face to face is so good!
  • It brings everyone close.
  • It provides opportunity for conversation.
  • It makes us think about others, rather than ourselves.
  • It creates memories!
  • It brings unity.

It mattered so much that we even used two coolers as seats because we were two chairs short for the number at our table. So what? It worked!

We enjoyed our second Board Game competition…at the table! There was laughter that brought tears as we battled out Cranium and Dutch Blitz. There were so many funny memories and antics that will be rehearsed over and over again! Alli won again. She’s a killer with; Dutch Blitz! I didn’t mind losing, because I may not have won the Chick-Fil-A gift card, but I did get in on all the fun!

Of course we also made time for a little shopping!

We enjoyed a couple of hours at Dollywood, riding the River Rampage and the boys favorite rides, then headed back to our condo for lunch around the table!

Again, we treasure this gift from the Lord’s hands. How blessed to be able to share a few days together and enjoy harmony, fellowship in God’s Word, time in prayer and singing praise to our great God. We’re all sinners saved by God’s grace and any good in us is only because of Jesus. He is the Giver of every good gift, and that’s exactly what this was.

Make some memories this weekend by gathering people around your table!

8 thoughts on “Family Times Around the Table

  1. I read Whitney’s blog and commented that we were in Pigeon Forge last week too! I think we left the day you arrived. My husband and I (both in our 60s) go away for a “just the two of us” week around our anniversary every year, and we make so many special memories. We rented a cabin for a week with a gorgeous view and enjoyed making meals, reading and just spending time together there, as well as visiting Dollywood, the Smoky Mountains National Park, Pigeon Forge and many other places. It’s nice you can gather with your whole family – ours lives in 4 different states and we have 20 of us total, so that doesn’t happen for us. It would be wonderful, though! Glad you had this time!


    1. It would’ve been fun to have bumped into you and met you! Your time in the Smokies sounds perfect, too. You just cant go wrong vacationing in the mountains! We are so thankful to be able to gather everyone together and realize we might not always be able to do so. It is a good gift from the Lord!


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